The epidemiologist Amós García, between tears: “Why deny it?” | Radio Club Tenerife

The Head of Epidemiology of the Canary Islands Health Service has gone through the microphones of Today for Today Tenerife evoking the hardest moments at the head of the coordination of the pandemic in the Canary Islands. Amós García Rojas is also president of the Spanish Society of Vaccination and has just been named Adoptive Son of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. “I am very tired, I have not taken a day of vacation since Christmas 2019,” explains Amós García.

When he was named a Foster Son last week, he took the first day off in more than a year. “When I opened the mail on Saturday I had more than 300 messages,” explains the Canarian epidemiologist, who was about to retire when the pandemic arrived and, nevertheless, decided to equip himself and go to war due to the seriousness of the situation. Since then he has received numerous expressions of affection but also hatred, including death threats.

“When I look back I think how terrible everything has been, but when I stop and look forward, I think that thanks to vaccines and the forceful measures that we have applied we are beginning to see the stairway to heaven,” explains the president of the Spanish Society of Vaccination. “It is an unbearable and terrible situation,” he adds. “Perhaps the best moment we are living now since the first vaccine was given in December.”

Listen to the full interview with Amós García Rojas here.

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