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The Epic Games Store brings new features

by drbyos

In order to remain competitive, the Epic Games Store will soon deliver some features. Steam users will be familiar with these.

the essentials in brief

  • The Epic Games Store will soon launch new features for a better user experience.
  • Soon, achievements and clear user profiles will land in the store.
  • The innovations are heavily inspired by the content on Steam.

Epic Games is currently apparently in full swing on the in-house Store for PC games worked. Apparently the biggest competitor, Steam, is emulated here. Various new features, which should come soon, are already available on the Valve platform.

Epic Games wants to improve the user experience

Are on the company’s Trello Board now numerous new features listed which should start soon. The point of achievements is particularly exciting. Here, players can see which successes exist in a game and which have already been achieved.

The profiles, which offer a direct overview of the account, are also completely new. Information such as achievements, friends list or game statistics from fellow players can be viewed.

All in all, the Epic Games Store should be more user-friendly in the future and come closer to the competition. However, it is currently unknown when these changes will actually start.


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