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The email from Érica Rivas that generated the production fury

by drbyos

The lapidary email that Érica Rivas sent to the production was leaked

Érica Rivas’ departure from “Married with Children”, in its theatrical version, continues to bring a queue. Now an email was known that the actress sent to the scriptwriters with “observations” on the spots of the play and that they would have been decisive in her departure from the theater production.

Yesterday in “Los Angeles de la Mañana”, Ángel de Brito sowed tares. “I have in my possession the evidence of the scandal involving Rivas and all‘ Married with Children. ’ It is the email that Érica sent to the authors, producers and part of the cast with the corrections that she considered necessary to participate in the play. The mail I do not know if it is from Érica Rivas or María Elena, her character, ”he said and read the message that made the popular actress, once again, a trend on social networks.

“Dear Diego (Alarcón), I send you my observations on the spots, the commercials, sorry if they are risque but it is what happens to me and I was going to be in the project saying everything I think. To be honest, coming from you, I was expecting something more elaborate, ingenious and acidic but good … ”begins, very warm, the email from Rivas.

In relation to one of the spots, he assured: “I think several things: María Elena, is she a vegan now? Why? The issue of vegan I do not know if it is a license that is being given because I am, but I would not like it to be surrounded by veganism and look like something stupid, which is how I am glimpsing it, and it is the typical one that arises in all parts. If it is going to be like this, I prefer not to bring it up. And if we’re going to mess with that, it would be good to make jokes elsewhere, right? I’m talking about the capitalist macho carnivore, who also has a lot to say and has never said anything. ”

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In the mail he also complains about the character of Guillermo Francella, the beloved Pepe Argento. “The shots of the jokes are all his,” he claims and adds, specifically, about spot number 3: “It is the only spot in which María Elena ends the joke. I think we could laugh then that Pepe does not have much time left to live. And that’s what I also meant when I wanted to add someone to the team to protect us and advise us feministly. And they sent me to fry churros, alleging a thousand bullshit that contradicts what all the international producers are doing. ”

Thus, the actress, who in the past denounced Ricardo Darín for mistreatment, before getting off the hit “Scenes of conjugal life” (she would have sued the production charging 40,000 euros as lost earnings) demanded changes for her hilarious character . “I would like to slide after or before the phrase ‘there is no shortage of opportunity’, which I think is very slight, a ‘is about to fall’ or better yet ‘is going to fall. Now that I think about it, the latter could very well be María Elena’s new hose. ”

The thing went on. In another of the spots, Pepe, apparently, mocks the mustaches of María Elena, his character, something that he did not like. “Well, I see that, if it is cut there, so that they laugh at that, it must be because the auctions will all be Pepe. Because I think the joke has another ending and it would be ‘suck my mustaches, asshole’, for example. And this is what he feared too, because the auction, we already know, is what gives meaning to the joke, what remains in people and takes the pillow, let’s say. It is, therefore, the most dangerous, of course. Because if we are going to give a dung, they will take a dung in their hearts, ”said the actress.

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At the end, he left a reflection on the times and the danger of giving wrong messages, according to his opinion: “I think that within the new horizon, a man who is making fun of a woman who does not shave her mustache is coming upon us he would have to be sanctioned and mocked. But in this case Pepe is laughing and making the audience laugh. What is our commitment in this new paradigm? Is this checked by Sony? (…) Today I would say many things answering this joke that is so bad and that it delays, because these jokes would question masculinity, but not only that of Pepe but that of all men. My femininity is not cared for by anyone, I take care of myself.


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