The Earth is witnessing the longest “semi-total” eclipse of the moon in six centuries.. Video

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Today, Friday, the moon witnessed a “semi-total” eclipse that lasts approximately three and a half hours, and this is the longest period of a lunar eclipse since the year 1440, and the planet will not witness a similar phenomenon (in terms of its duration) before the eighth of February of the year 2669.

And according to what the US space agency “NASA” stated on its website, North America, a large part of South America and parts of Northeast Asia, as well as from Australia, Europe and Africa were able to see this astronomical phenomenon in which the moon will darken for most parts of the planet with sliding up to 99.1 percent of the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow, according to Euronews.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is located in the shadow of the Earth, as the sun, the Earth and the moon today are in a near-perfect alignment, and it is closer in engineering than the total eclipse, as the Earth’s shadow will cover 99 percent of the area of ​​the moon, and the eclipse will last for 3 hours, 28 minutes and 23 seconds.

The eclipse began at 07:19 GMT when the moon entered the shadow of the Earth, and at 08:45 GMT was more than 95 percent of the moon’s disk in the shade, and its color turned red due to light waves from the sun that were filtered by the atmosphere. for the earth.

The eclipse peaks and is most visible at 09:03 GMT, and at 10:47 GMT, the moon will be fully visible again.

It is worth noting that the eclipse can be seen with the naked eye without any danger, unlike a solar eclipse, and binoculars and telescopes will allow lovers of astronomical phenomena to enjoy this scene if the sky is clear enough.

The duration of the partial lunar eclipse in July of the year 2019 was less than 3 hours, and in June of the year 2010 it lasted two hours and 43 minutes, and in November 1974 there was a partial eclipse of the moon that lasted three hours and 14 minutes, and in May of the year 1979 the eclipse lasted three hours and 18 minutes.

According to information published by NASA, a partial lunar eclipse occurred in the year 1892 and lasted for three hours and 26 minutes, and the year 1511 witnessed an eclipse that lasted for three hours and 27 minutes, while the year 1440 witnessed a lunar eclipse that lasted more than three hours and 28 minutes.



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