The Doctors Syndicate comments on the video of apologizing to a dog: The video is very insulting

Dr. Osama Abdel-Hay, Secretary-General of the Medical Syndicate, expressed his displeasure when he watched a video circulating about a doctor forcing a nurse to prostrate as an apology to a dog, pointing out that he saw it by chance and no complaint was received from him.

And Abdel-Hay added, during a telephone interview with the media, Sherif Amer, on the program Happening in Egypt, broadcast on MBC Egypt, that what happened is considered an administrative transgression and cannot happen in a workplace, even if it was a joke.

The Doctors Syndicate explained that this method of administration is a time-honored method, and it was necessary to go to investigations, legal affairs, and administrative prosecution, instead of using that humiliating method.

And he confirmed that he was not aware that the nurse was being punished for the sake of a dog, and he was supposed to insult one of his colleagues at work, noting that this method of punishment was not acceptable at all because we are in a state of law.

He pointed out that what happened was not a technical or medical error and has nothing to do with medicine, and the investigation committee and the administrative prosecution must take the necessary measures regarding this incident and refer the people to the prosecution and investigate them immediately.

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