The details behind the shock: – Is ill

Controversial boss Vishal Garg invited 900 employees to a recent Zoom meeting, announcing that all were completed as employees of the mortgage company.

The dismissals came despite the company according to CNN had recently received approximately NOK 6.8 billion in fresh capital, and is worth approximately NOK 62 billion.

Garg has previously been refreshed Forbes in sending emails to his employees, in which he harassed, made accusations, and called them lazy.

Parts of the session where he gives the message about the dismissals have been spread on Youtube and TikTok. At the top of the case you can watch the video.

– Surreal

Now several of the employees talk about the conditions in the company.

Christian Chapman, who worked as an insurance specialist in the company, tells CNN that he was completely unprepared for the message he was to receive.

He says that Garg did not wait for all the employees to be in the meeting, and that it only lasted three minutes, and that the boss went straight to the point. He explains that he immediately lost access to the job’s communication systems, data and telephone.

“It was a surreal moment, which you think will never happen,” Chapman told CNN.

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He also reveals that the employees were used to getting rinsing buckets from the boss. Several anonymous employees tell CNN about the same thing.

– I was promoted, then he suddenly called everyone too lazy and accused us of stealing money. It is sick. I’m rather broke than having to put up with him, says an anonymous employee to the channel.

– After the first meeting with Garg, I realized that I could not wear a speaker, but use earphones, because I have five children, and they can not hear such vocabulary.

– Last time I cried

To CNN, the employees draw a picture of a company where they often received benefits, but where Garg could also come up with unexpected and extensive negative news in general meetings.

– I have bad news. The market has changed, and we must change with it to survive. You do not want to hear this, but it is my decision, and I want you to hear it from me. This is the second time in my career I do it, last time I cried, but this time I hope to be stronger. We will get rid of 15 percent of employees, and you are one of those who must quit, Garg said in the Zoom meeting where he fired the employees.


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