The delivery of the “Maximum Efficiency” Bonus begins (September 2021) to workers in the service sector and civil servants of the public administration for an amount of Bs. 15,400,000

This Friday, began the delivery of the “Maximum Efficiency” Bonus, corresponding to the month of September 2021, to workers in the service sector and public administration officials.

As reported by Canal Patria Digital, through its account on the social network Telegram, the corresponding amount is Bs. 15,400,000 and will be awarded by the Carnet de la Patria.

For its part, today began the delivery of the “Negro Primero” Bond for an amount of Bs. 15,400,000.

This Thursday, the bonds “Health Protectors” and “Simón Rodríguez” were awarded.

The delivery of these benefits will be made directly and gradually together with the notification message. which will be sent via text message through the short number 3532 and by the veMonedero application.

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