The day Carlos Sainz flew over Madrid with the Audi RS Q e-tron

Thousands of Madrilenians took to the most central streets of the capital yesterday to attend an event called “Showrun” and organized by Red Bull. The highlight of the day was the premiere of the first electric racing car that aspires to win a Dakar Rally or what is the same, the new Audi RS Q e-tron from Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz.

The Madrid driver was the star of the day and delighted the attendees who concentrated on the Paseo de la Castellana, with an authentic parade of racing cars, some of which marked the sports career of the two-time world rally champion and triple winner of the Dakar.

Carlos Sainz’s great show in Madrid

The Audi S1 ​​EKS RX quattro, the 2016 World Rallycross Champion car at the hands of the Swede Mattias Ekström, was in charge of warming up a frosty autumn morning in the center of Madrid. Sainz turned on the fans behind the fences with a series of maneuvers to the limit taking all the juice out of a truly spectacular car. After such intense laps, the most nostalgic moment of the day arrived, when Carlos put on the asphalt of the Castellana the first car with which he competed in rallies, a Seat Panda that thanks to the care of the museum of the Spanish brand, it was able to shine in all its expression on the streets of the city.

AudiCar and Driver

Then it was the turn of the car with which Sainz was proclaimed world champion twice, the Toyota Celica WRC and later another icon of Audi that did not have the opportunity to drive: the Audi quattro S1 E2, the first with a permanent all-wheel drive system and a power that in its most radical configuration reached 600 hp (441 kW). Sainz described it as “possibly the quintessential rally car.”

A flying saucer at La Castellana

As the final culmination of the event, the most anticipated moment arrived, the launch of the Audi RS Qe tron ​​on a street circuit, the electric one with which it will compete in the Dakar Rally next January.

audi quattro s1

AudiCar and Driver

The Audi of the Dakar astonished the audience by how shocking it is to see such a tall, bulky and futuristic-looking car, animated by an electric motor of no less than 680 CV (500 kW). The sound of its mechanics also aroused great admiration. At the end of the exhibition, the Madrid driver wanted to highlight the role of Audi in undertaking unique challenges in motorsport such as the one represented by this model.

“I want to thank Audi for the effort they have made to be here and make possible the first appearance of the RS Q e-tron before the public”said Carlos Sainz, Audi driver in the Dakar Rally. “It has been a very special day for me. And I hope it was also a nice day for all Audi fans and fans, who have also been able to enjoy the iconic S1 quattro, like me, a car that, like the Dakar prototype, was also a pioneer “.

audi q etron dakar in madrid

AudiCar and Driver

On January 1 in Ha’il (Saudi Arabia), the most delicate part of the project, the competition, will start. Sainz and Audi’s goal is clear: reach the finish line on January 14 in the city of Jeddah and become the first team to win the toughest rally in the world with an electric car. We will see.

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