The day Alcaraz tried playing with a one-handed backhand for Federer: “I tried to imitate him”

The day Alcaraz tried playing with a one-handed backhand for Federer: “I tried to imitate him”

The one-handed backhand is a shot that generates something different in tennis spectators and Roger Federer He was one of its best exponents. The shot that usually guarantees more power and aggressiveness, but less control, was used by almost everyone a few decades ago. But over time it began to be used less and less. While it still has some exponents, such as Stefanos Tsitsipas, most of the great players prefer to play two-handed backhand. It is the case of Carlos Alcaraz. Although it was not always so.

“When I was younger I loved trying new things”Alcaraz said when asked if he ever tried to compete with a one-handed backhand. «Probably the one-handed backhand was one of those things that I practiced for just one day. I love doing different things, different resources on the track. Probably that day I watched a Roger Federer match and tried to imitate him.”confessed Alcaraz, who always had the Swiss as one of his great idols.

Go Federer! Alcaraz surprises with an incredible backhand passing… one-handed!

«I think my backhand has been improving over the years. When I was young, my right hand was my best shot. It still is to this day, but I feel quite comfortable with my backhand.”assured Alcaraz, who made his debut with a quick victory in the US Open due to the withdrawal of Dominik Koepfer. «I was looking forward to playing my first round at the US Open. It has been nice to return to Arthur Ashe after the great tournament last year. I’m excited to be back.”Alcaraz said.

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Alcaraz, without pressure at the US Open

The Murcian seeks to defend the title obtained last year, although his goal is another. «I am not thinking about defending the title, and last year I did not think that I was the champion. I just focus on playing at my best level, getting back the tennis I played last year and trying to do things the same way. It’s the only thing on my mind right now. I try to get away from the pressure that people want to put on me being the reigning champion.”.

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