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Aboubakar Soumahoro desperate and in tears in the video posted on his page Facebook did not convince anyone. This is what emerges from a research by SocialCom which, with the help of the Blogmeter platform, analyzed for Adnkronos the conversations of the last week on the affair involving the wife and mother-in-law of the deputy of Ivorian origin due to the alleged irregularities in the cooperatives they manage. The period of analysis considered is the one that goes from 14 to 20 November. The network’s interest in the topic was medium/high and involved an audience made up mainly of insiders and political enthusiasts.

We had to fire them: Lady Soumahoro's anger explodes, the shocking sentence

From the analysis of the more than six thousand comments on the deputy’s post, it emerges that only 45% of those who commented holds itwhile the 50% expresses itself on the matter and on the figure of the deputy in a negative way. Among the latter there are those who call Soumahoro a “liar” and hope for a quick intervention by the judiciary. Furthermore, a negative sentiment for about 72% (71.86%) of network users on the video, posted by the Italian Left deputy.

The mind-boggling figure in Soumahoro's pocket.  And the migrants...

Conversations about his figure took place mainly on Facebook (49.07%) and Twitter (24.7%). The main thread of conversations about Soumahoro focuses on the figures of his wife and mother-in-law and on the way they managed the laborers’ cooperatives at the center of the judicial investigation. Among the users who talk about it, there are also those who underline the paradox of this story, as well as the deputy’s belonging to a line-up that has always professed to be on the side of the least.


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