The date and place of the funeral of Boris Grachevsky have become known

21:30, 15.01.2021

The director passed away yesterday.

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About death Boris Grachevsky it became known yesterday. The legendary creator of Yeralash passed away at the age of 72 with coronavirus. The director was hospitalized on New Year’s Eve, and at the beginning of January Boris Yuryevich was transferred to intensive care. Then his friends said that a bacterial infection had joined the coronavirus, the area of ​​lung damage increased and amounted to 75 percent.

Doctors introduced the star patient into an artificial coma and connected him to a ventilator. However, the very next day it became known that Grachevsky had overcome the crisis. Yesterday doctors again had to put Boris Yuryevich into a coma. In the evening it became known that the director failed to cope with the disease.

Boris Grachevsky asked not to worry about his health

Today the widow of Boris Grachevsky is 36 years old Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya told reporters that the director’s funeral will take place on January 17 at the Troekurovsky Cemetery. She also said that the farewell ceremony for Boris Yuryevich will be held on the same day at the Moscow House of Cinema at 11 o’clock.

With Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya Grachevsky has been married for the last four years. In April, the couple had a son Philip… During the period of the director’s hospitalization, Ekaterina was especially worried about his wife, Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya. In her microblog on Instagram, she urged to pray for her “talented and beloved husband”… After the appearance of information about the death of the director, Belotserkovskaya without words published his last lifetime photograph. Only a few hours later the widow broke the silenceby writing an emotional post on her account, in which she stated that she wants to be close to her husband.

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Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya and Boris Grachevsky

Note that in addition to his son Philip, Grachevsky has three more children. IN the director’s marriage to Galina Grachevskaya son was born in 1972 Maxim, seven years later, Ksenia… From 2010 to 2014 he was married to Anna Grachevskaya… A daughter was born in this relationship Vasilisa… After the death of a father, children can claim his inheritance. It is known that Boris Yuryevich, 50 kilometers from Moscow on the prestigious Novorizhskoye highway, had a mansion with an area of ​​300 square meters and 17 acres of land, where a small garden was laid out on his personal plot. The approximate cost of ownership is 50 million rubles.

Boris Grachevsky was also the owner of a three-room apartment in the Meshchansky district of the capital. At one time, the director took up redevelopment, combining the kitchen and living room. Now the cost of such an apartment is 17 million rubles. Boris Yuryevich had another country house, but after a divorce from his first wife, the director left him to the ex-darling and children. Grachevsky also owned the copyright for Yeralash. Therefore, for each show on TV channels and other platforms, he received royalties.

Anna Grachevskaya with her daughter Vasilisa

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