The crown jewel of the PlayStation is on the PC, for exclusivity

The press conference of Sony was aroused by the biggest result. After the recent postponement of Horizon Forbidden West for five years, the owner still has a shortcoming PlayStation 5 for the seasons. The only remaining console exclusivity of this year for them will be only Deathloop. hardwarov nroky).

Although the quarter-hour-long presentation offered a lot of interesting trailers not translated by the rest of the series, as a result, it did not represent anything from which the chin fell out. On the contrary, some of the titles shown at the event of this format, according to NS, had nothing to do. But let’s take it easy.

The most surprised was drinking right in the water itself. For a long speculated remake of the iconic RPG from the world of Star Lifts Knights of the Old Republic is now officially confirmed on PS5 and PC. Which is somewhat paradoxical, because the original game, on the other hand, came out as xbox exclusivity.

We haven’t seen a single set of games from the game, which means that you can go to them for a while. On the other hand, if this cult classic gets the same as the last remake of Final Fantasy VII (see our review), we have a clear candidate for the game of the year. The question is what year.

Sweat boarded the trailer with an interesting looking Asian ribbon Project Eve, in which the saliva of Entina defeated the strongholds of dmonic-looking neptiles. At first glance, NieR or Devil May Cry remind us of their bold acne choreography, and the beautiful graphics will probably be enjoyed by an audience that does not otherwise like a similar type of game. As is customary with Asian games, I can guess in advance how it will end up. The fact that the Shift Up development studio is only responsible for mobile games does not arouse the courtyard.

The show stole the trailer on the game Tiny Tinas Wonderlandswhat nothing else does not turn to the famous srie Borderlands. Here at starm, the fans of this srie will easily get more of what they have. From the point of view of an unbiased observer, the most interesting musical background was from the Japanese pop metal band Babymetal.

Konen we managed to get a sample from the game Forspoken, two presented under the name Project Athia. It is an acne adventure with an emphasis on a strong story taking place in a vast open world. At first glance, it looks like a combination of interesting main characters Horizon Zero Dawn and fast parkour style action The Pathless. The graphics are fantastic, and the game should come out later this year. Forspoken has all the attributes of a potential hit, but from now on the trailer, the furnace looks just a little calculated.

There was a rather weak window in which we could see weapons from an unbelievable looking event. Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction (dve Quarantine) a vylepench verz GTA V a Alana Wakeawhich u have true fans of two years.

To Ghostwire: Tokyowas an official vidtv event full of time. Upcoming news from the author of excellent horror horror movies Evil Within The appearance at first glance and acne, I guess the change of perspective to the view from our own o. As a result, we definitely know that we would immediately throw ourselves headlong into the pre-order, so again.

New trailers on Guardians of the Galaxy, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt a Deathloop Although they did not offend, they did not bring the bottom information that we would not have seen at home. To announce an exploratory acne adventure Tchia It was definitely a pleasant surprise, but I still have what to expect from us. At first glance, this is a very calm relaxing game, especially in a young game. According to their authors, the authors want to present the culture and production of the New Caledonia archipelago, where most of the Vvoj darkness comes from. Nice, but probably no one will buy a PlayStation 5 because of that, especially with the fact that the game will also be released on a PC.

It’s been a long time speculated, now it’s the end of the official. One of the best exclusives in the history of the PlayStation console really works on the PC. Under the name Uncharted: The Lost Legacy there will be an improved version of the fourth debt (nae review) a enskho datadisku The Lost Legacy (nae review). If you don’t know this character and you’re worried that it will happen early and in the middle, you can stay calm, Nathan Drake’s works are as complicated as those of the Indiana Jones movie. The owner of the PS5 will also be pasted, the question is whether it will be free of charge.

The very end of the presentation took place in style. Studio Insomniac, which this year released the excellent Ratchet & Article (nae review) is preparing two news from the world of the comic book Marvel. Bohuel, as of Wolverina so ze Spider-Mana 2 we only managed a general film video, so we can’t expect their release in the first year.

If the current PlayStation feature is in it, it’s a desperate lack of seductive games. Zatmco Microsoft Forzu stav proud to show off, Sony sv Gran Turismo 7 so far the fuel has hidden. His long-delayed performance then aroused an unrealistic eye, which, of course, could not be completely fulfilled. Not that the game might look bad, but just slowing down the guns on the shiny hood just isn’t enough today. In the end, it will be a real gem, but as for the presentation, here the Xbox with an overview of the heated.

The turn of the whole show then continued to be fantastic God of Warwhich comes out with a subtitle Ragnarok. It looks great according to the eyes, but it stopped us and the shape with the previous part. Since the game will also be released on PS4, we can’t see the bottom shift or the graphics. But what, we’ll play with pleasure anyway.

As a result, this Showcase can be assessed as successful, but it is also necessary to admit that we have become accustomed to Sony’s standard in the long run.


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