The court put down both swords! Order to fine “Uncle Mai” for being distorted underground lottery money and jailed for “the wife of the deputy superintendent”, the lottery dealer for 3 months, suspending the sentence

Buriram– The court put down both swords! Ordered a fine of “Uncle Mai” who was deprived of underground lottery money of 1,500 baht for gambling in the lottery and sentenced to three months in prison for the lottery dealer’s deputy superintendent, a fine of 2,500 baht, and a suspended sentence of 1 year, while the money deprived of winning the lottery was more than 6 Saen had to talk amongst themselves because the law enforcement agency couldn’t proceed while the results of the exam, the “Deputy Superintendent” claimed to have nothing to do with it.

Today (8 July) progress in the case of Mr. Sommai or Lung Mai (reserves his last name), 61 years old, residents of Isan sub-district, Mueang district, Buriram province, revealed that he was the deputy superintendent’s wife. Superintendent) at a police station in Buriram province. Deviated not paying more than 6 hundred thousand baht in underground lottery, and there have been complaints to investigate such cases. and filed a complaint that the son of the deputy superintendent’s wife was threatened

Latest today (8 Dec. 64) from the Buriram Provincial Police Headquarters that the investigating officer Buriram City Police Station has conducted an interrogation of both those who filed complaints and the accused including those involved and collecting evidence found that there was actually buying and selling underground lottery Therefore, she filed charges against Mrs. Punnapha (reserving his last name), the wife of the deputy superintendent, for “being a croupier serving the lottery (underground lottery)”, for which the accused confessed throughout the charges and has already submitted a lawsuit to the Buriram Provincial Court The court sentenced him to three months’ imprisonment, a fine of 2,500 baht, and a one-year suspended sentence.

As for Mr Sommai, who was charged “Gambling in the lottery Gambling on property without permission” which Mr. Sommai The accused pleaded guilty throughout the allegations. and the court has sentenced to a fine of 1,500 baht

In the case of Mr. Sommai claiming that he was the wife of the deputy superintendent The money that won the underground lottery Had to talk to each other because legally can’t do it. In the case of a complaint that the deputy superintendent’s wife’s child was threatened, it is undergoing a procedural investigation. If there is evidence that the intimidation is real, it is legal. The deputy superintendent of the investigation had nothing to do with underground lottery trading.

In this regard, Mr. Sommai gave information that from the incident, he said that he would not buy underground lottery tickets again. because in addition to being illegal Still at risk of being cheated by the dealer After this, it’s better to buy a legal government lottery.


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