The Coupe de France is still looking for a broadcaster

Even if the season is already well advanced, the Coupe de France is still out of broadcasters. In the spring, a call for tenders was launched for four seasons, without success. Only the France Télévisions-Eurosport duo, the traditional television partner of the competition, responded, but by offering 15 M€ per year, far from the 21 M€ of the previous contract. The executive committee of the FFF has therefore declared the consultation “unsuccessful”opening up the possibility of over-the-counter trading with the market.

Prime Video not interested

The idea was in fact to discuss again with the usual tandem to convince him to improve his proposal. But he was not very receptive and, finally, one of the two even withdrew his marbles, as Noël Le Graët said, Friday, in our columns. “Eurosport withdrew at the last minute when we imagined that this could continue, explained the president of the FFF. The main broadcaster will be France Télévisions, which will certainly have a channel with it. There is no concern. I hope to reach the level of the previous contract. Either way, the clubs will get the same (12 million in total) than last season. »

But it is not easy to find a paying broadcaster who would replace Eurosport to support France Télévisions. L1 broadcaster, Prime Video does not seem interested in the Coupe de France. beIN Sports, which has rendered services in the past by financing the broadcasting of certain competitions, has long since abandoned this strategy, being very economical on the rights market. While Canal+ has never gone into this area.

Still, time is running out. Previously, broadcasts on Eurosport started during the 7th round of the competition with the entry into the running of the Ligue 2 clubs. It took place at the end of October without a television contract, with matches broadcast on the Federation’s website (FFF TV ) and others on the digital platforms of clubs or regional leagues. The 8th round takes place next weekend. And, here again, it is FFF TV which will compensate for the absence of an official broadcaster with seven matches on the program (including those of Sochaux, Grenoble or Guingamp).

The Federation has also decided to grant authorization for the overseas regional branches of France Télévisions to program the matches concerning them as well as to the digital platforms of the clubs and the regional leagues. Waiting for better.


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