The Cossacks whipped the official elected ataman with a whip and got on the video: Society: Russia:

In the Kuban, the Cossacks elected an ataman of the village of Kanevskaya, an official from the administration, 43-year-old Andrei Patvorov, and lashed him with a whip. The ceremony was on video, the video was published on September 2 by the “Kanevsky Reporter” edition in its Telegram-channel.

The footage shows that Patvorov is being removed from the red shirt. After that, two Cossacks begin to hold him, while the third hits him on the back with a whip. However, instead of strong blows, the man hits very weakly – those present in the hall urge him to hit harder and even show with gestures how to do it. The recording is interrupted at this point.

In the Kuban Cossack Host to the publication “” explained, why do you need to whip the ataman with a whip.

According to tradition, the chieftain must endure three blows-orders. “The first order is to be strong in the Orthodox faith; the second order is to remember and observe the Cossack customs, honor and respect the elderly; and the third order is to always remember that the Cossacks give their lives to God, their hearts to people, and honor to nobody, ”the edition quotes the orders.

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