The coronavirus test criteria are changing: it will also be made for healthy people


In the studies conducted in the government, especially the Ministry of Health, new methods of combating the epidemic are being evaluated despite the normalization decisions. According to the map that will be revealed by the immune analysis made with the Elisa test, it will be decided on which segments of society, which age and occupational groups should be tested regularly. Screening will be continued by testing these groups at regular intervals.

In the event that those who still have complaints apply to health institutions, planning is made to make the test done to healthy people. Therefore, the criteria for testing also change. It is stated that these tests, which will be carried out in order to detect the virus burden in the society, may bring local and local quarantines, and life may continue normally in different parts of a city.


In the meetings, testing is also evaluated for those who have complaints such as colds or flu. Experts said, “As the test capacity increases, the infected people will be isolated locally. The apartment building, the neighborhood, this is done. In the following process, the local isolation method will be more widespread. It will be ensured that the contacts with the infected people will be isolated instead of restrictions in the whole city.”


In the evaluations made, it was stated that the focus of the pandemic has been Istanbul since the beginning, however, local focuses have been formed in recent days due to reasons such as engagement, wedding, celebration, mass meal, and mass prayer. For this reason, it was stated that local quarantine implementation was planned, and similar implementation was initiated in many epidemic countries. It was learned that it is planned to expand the mobile laboratories installed in places such as the organized industrial site.


While planning these studies, experts said, “It should be tested not only for the contacts, but also for the people in the second circle. For this purpose, regular traffic police officers, military barracks, security guards, bank employees, barbers and hairdressers, cashiers, waiters, cabin crew members on duty. they should narrow the circle by doing the test. “


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