The coolest sounding cars from the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The coolest sounding cars from the Goodwood Festival of Speed

No presenter talking through it, just pure and unfiltered engine noise the coolest sounding cars on the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​hill climb.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is all about the hill climb. The asphalt strip in the ‘garden’ of Goodwood House is 1.9 kilometers long and rises at an average of 4.9 percent over that distance. The start is 92.7 meters lower than the finish.

Damage at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The course is narrow and gives drivers hardly any room to make mistakes. Accidents happen every year, also in 2023. Last Sunday was really a low point, in that respect. The hay bales included a McLaren F1 GTR, BMW M1 Procar and Leyton House F1 car.

Why Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​should be on your bucket list!

There was minor damage to the Porsche 911 GT1, which broke out at the rear, briefly hit a hay bale and lost its rear wing as a result. An Audi R18 – also a Le Mans car – spun and was unable to get away.

Hundreds of cars up the hill every day

The beauty of the hill climb is that more than a hundred races past the audience every day. The racers in particular impress, with their wonderful roar and crackle.

This is how Bentley shows at Goodwood how ‘green’ it really is

Autovisie was present in Goodwood on Sunday 16 July and was fortunately allowed to stand close to the track. Hardly any road cars passed by during the time we were there, but the spectacular sounding race cars more than made up for it.

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These are the coolest sounding cars from the Goodwood Festival of Speed


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