the console leaked on video, big disappointment for the players

the console leaked on video, big disappointment for the players

A leak on the PS5 Slim is currently circulating on the Web. A photo that shows the front of the new console. Fake or real first glimpse of the machine?

Update 08/12 at 10:30 a.m.: the PS5 Slim is now leaking with a video that confirms the previous leak and provides a better overview of the console.

The PS5 Slim could be available by the end of the year, but Sony hasn’t made an announcement yet. At Gamescom 2023? The manufacturer will be absent from the physical show, but it may be present during Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live. This therefore remains a possibility, although the Japanese firm could opt for a simple revelation on the PlayStation Blog. Unless the company is forced to advance these plans following this leak…

PS5 Slim Reportedly Leaked, Here’s What It Looks Like

According to the latest rumors, the PS5 Slim should have a new SoC (System on Chip) engraved in 5nm against 6nm. In practice, it won’t change anything in your games and don’t expect any improvements because that’s not the goal. It’s not a PS5 Pro. Apart from a reduction in energy consumption, this above all allows Sony to make savings in production.

Nevertheless, it is said that the manufacturer would give up liquid metal. A solution used in the current PS5 to replace the thermal paste that is generally found on console chips or on the processor of a PC. The PS5 Slim would even lack an internal 4K blu-ray player according to insider Tom Henderson. And according to Microsoft, we should expect a price of $399.

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Rumors that are picking up again today with the first photo of the PS5 Slim. So says the_marmolade on Twitter, a former VGC and Wired editor. As we can see, the picture comes from a Chinese source. An image that can make you smile as it looks like countless fakes given the angle of view. However, we also know that leaks from China are legion. The PS5 Fat has also paid the price since the facades had been revealed before the time. We didn’t really know what to think about it, but that’s when a video came to confirm the veracity of the leak.

Fake or reality? And the PS5 Pro in all this?

Tom Henderson, the source of almost all of the noise in the hallway, refused to comment since he has not yet managed to see the PS5 Slim with his eyes. “I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t comment on its legitimacy” he wrote. BwE_Dev, who presents himself as an independent developer and reverse engineer, says he has a video of the console. According to him, if this is the final version, the machine would not be much finer, and the result would be rather ugly. Words to be taken with immense tweezers being the propensity of Internet users to invent sources that they do not have, especially since one element calls out. BwE_Dev does mention an optical drive on the console itself.

In parallel with the PS5 Slim, Sony would also be working on a PlayStation 5 Pro which would have the right to a significant power gain. The console’s memory speed would increase from 14,000 mts to 18,000 mts (mega-transfers per second) and the machine would have 30 WGPs (Work Group Processors) for graphics processing as well as calculations. All the changes planned by the PS5 Pro would aim to improve the frame rate per second of the games so that the number of fps is more stable in 4K.


There is also talk of an “accelerated rendering” of ray-tracing or even an “8K Performance” mode. And we allow ourselves to insist on this again, no, no need to wait for big PlayStation blockbusters that drop your jaw in 8K. Indie games why not, but we imagine that it will be especially for all that is video. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are already sold as 8K capable on the box, but in fact, it’s not available yet.


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