The Conservative candidate in the NWT. never visited the territory

Lea Mollison, who lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has never even set foot in the area of ​​about 45,000 people, confirms Matthew Lakusta, president of the Conservative Association of the Northwest Territories.

Since Ms. Mollison’s announcement that she would run for federal election, CBC News was unable to speak to her or confirm that she would participate in a candidate debate scheduled for September 15 despite emails and not many calls.

She was notably absent from a forum last Thursday during which the other four candidates discussed their electoral platforms. In an email to independent news organization Cabin Radio, Ms Mollison said she did not could unfortunately participate .

She then did not respond to requests for an interview.

Lea Mollison, however, told Northern News Service that she is talking to communities in the Northwest Territories to find out what her political party can do for them.

In an interview, Matthew Lakusta explained that the sudden call for an election by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party made it difficult to confirm a candidate who wants to represent the interests of Northerners in Ottawa.

Therefore, he said, it did not give potential candidates enough time to come to the idea that they might be able to run for office.

However, he believes that Mrs. Mollison is very interested in promoting the values ​​of the North.

I know people are complaining that she is not from the North and that is true, but it does not reflect who is in the race.

A quote from:Matthew Lakusta, Conservative Association of the Northwest Territories

According to her biography, Lea Mollison was born in Saskatchewan and currently works in a breast cancer screening clinic. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan.

Based on information from Avery Zingel


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