FR_23/OCT/10 @ PUERTO GIESING LIVE> dOP (CIRCUS COMPANY/PARIS) LIVE> NÔZE (GET PHYSICAL/CIRCUS COMPANY/PARIS) ROBAG WHRUME (WIGHNOMY BROTHERS/FREUDE AM TANZEN/JENA) Support by: DER BRANE (DIE REGISTRATUR/ MUC) ST**B (THE REGISTRATION/MUC) Farewell Regi Farewell. It’s the first anniversary of the grand finale of the registry and it’s time to draw the line. The big days in memory, we want to proclaim another party in memory of the good old Regi. God bless her. Rest in peace. In order to conjure up the mighty raves of the Blumenstraße from the ground up, we have gathered together with the Regi-Residents some of our personal highlights of all time to once again generate the incomparable flow that made us forget week after week that there is life outside of the four magical four quarters. So we want to invite you all once again, you who have spent so many unspeakable (and hardly to be remembered) nights with us, who have grown up with us. Raise a glass to good old Regi again; to a line-up worthy of them. For this reason at the forefront: Nôze LIVE. The beginning of their career can certainly be located in Blumenstraße, where they celebrated their first major successes at the Stock5 parties early on and raved their way into the hearts of the local audience with a shirtless upper body and even freer jazz understatement. Yes, the Munich and Nôze, that’s a love story in itself. Unforgettable how we had to close the gates of the Regi at 2 a.m. in April last year because there was simply no more space for all those waiting outside. Or at the last groove party in the congress hall, when the whole world thought, Kalkbrenner was the best place to go and Nôze rolled up the field again from behind. Jazz, house and the drunken charm of Parisian bohemia. The new album by the operators of the Circus Company super label is already in the starting blocks and one can assume that their live performance will already have plenty of samples in their luggage. You can’t get more live experience… That means…almost. After all, we still have dOP live, their pupils, who are in no way inferior to them in terms of madness. Accordingly, their first album is called “Greatest Hits” and anyone who has heard it has no doubts. Sure, the knowledgeable among you already know about this band. It’s not for nothing that the three crazy Parisians rocked the last show of the registry and even those who witnessed them in Puerto G-Sing in June know that these guys only produce incredible shows when they are in this city. A special treat: today they will be together with our mutual friends from Nôze for at least part of the show: First Nôze, then Nôze & dOP, then dOP as part of their album tour. is more possible? We don’t think so… …ok, except maybe if former Wighnomy Brother Robag Wruhme is involved. After he and his colleague Monkey Maffia decided to go their separate ways, you can only book one Wighnomy Brother at a time. It’s a pity, but with Robag they certainly have one of the most masterly DJs in this hemisphere at the start, whose turntable skills are only surpassed by his own productions. The last tracks on Vakant, Musik Krause and Circus Company (and again and again Circus Company) show his Kafkaesque approach of reinventing Frickel-House from scratch again and again. And whoever was part of the Blast Of Silence Edition with the Wighnomys already knows what’s in it musically. Not to forget the performance around it, which has already cost many a club the roof. Most would say: madness. And that’s exactly how it should be. Love Peace and a Brett Rave. In Memory of our immortal beloved… If you want to come in, come early. The capacities of Puerto Giesing are also limited…

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