The concert is a conversation Fracture original

Breakwater Studios Movie A virtuoso jazz pianist and filmmaker watching his family’s family through his 91-year-old grandfather, Jim Crow of Florida, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Directed by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers Edited by Lukas Dong Performing Kris Bowers and Horace Bowers, senior. Producers Ben Proudfoot, Jeremy Lambert and Kris Bowers Co-producers Abby Lynn Kang Davis and Caley Shannon Field Producer Sarah Stewart Archive Coordinator: Sarah Stewart Cinematographers David Bolen and Brandon Somerhalder Cinematographers: Neal Lett and Sebastian Baron Assistant to original score Kris Bowers Toimet Kaas Ochoa & Shaw Fisher Steadicam Cinematography: Kyler Jae Production Sounds: Sean Higgins and Richard Carlos Color: Stephen Derluguian Instructor and re-recording mixer: Sean Higgins Post-production director: Dillon Brown Post-production coordinator: Elizabeth Brooke Sound effects editor: Tom Boykin Foley Director Foley Editor: George Murgulia Foley Artist: Biko Gogaladze Foley Mixer: Giorgi Lekishvili Music Contract: Peter Rotter & Encompass Partners Dot Mixer: Stephe Kaye Score Producer: Ma x Wrightson Composer’s Assistant: Khamani Hagood Orchestra and copywriter by Jonathan Beard Score Engineer: Barbara Gruska Made with Love by Breakwater Studios, Ltd., Los Feliz, California © 2020 Breakwater Studios, LLC


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