The company contacts 960 job seekers and receives … 2 applications

Some sectors have experienced a staff shortage for several weeks or even months. This is the case with Ponthier, a specialist in fruit and vegetable purees. As relate The popular of the center and France Blue Limousin, for three months, the company multiplies the job offers to try to recruit about thirty people … in vain.

Tuesday September 7, a morning of recruitment was even organized at the town hall of Objat, near Brice (Corrèze). The town hall had even made a room available to recruiters. But only two candidates came forward, as 960 text messages had been sent to job seekers. A cold shower for Ponthier, but also for the mayor of the town, who wanted to push a rant. “It is time for courageous decisions to be taken. Me, I am for firmness. At one point, we must turn off the aid tap for those who do not want to work, because this can penalize companies”, denounced Philippe Vidau , cited by Le Populaire du center.

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As for the Ponthier company, it is still looking for around thirty people, for production positions, initially on an interim basis. “But we have about ten which will quickly be transformed into permanent contracts if the profiles suit us”, promises the HR manager, Julie Delaveau. If having already worked in the food industry is a plus, Ponthier is mainly looking for motivated candidates ready to work in “3×8”. As for the remuneration: from 1,700 to 2,000 euros gross and a thirteenth month for permanent contracts. The company even promises a bonus of 100 euros to its employees who would encourage an acquaintance to apply.

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