Home entertainment “The Colombian Kylie Jenner”, so they told Luisa Castro when posing bathed in gold paint

“The Colombian Kylie Jenner”, so they told Luisa Castro when posing bathed in gold paint

by drbyos

Lina Tejeiro, as usual, he usually shares with his more than 8 million followers on Instagram various events and aspects of your daily life.

Recently the actress wanted to tell Internet users an anecdote that happened to him several years ago.

The ‘choco adventure’ of the llanera began when she said that approximately eight years ago, attended the ‘Premios TVyNovelas’, which award the best of Colombian television, and something very peculiar happened to him

According to her, she was not nominated. Nevertheless, I really wanted to go to the event.

“I was dying to go, I just wanted to go party, party, dance …” he said.

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In short, the model managed to get tickets for the award. Nevertheless, it lacked another detail very important for the ceremony, dress.

As revealed, at that time she did not have many financial resources to rent a suit, therefore chose to borrow one.

“I actually got them to lend it to me, nothing more and nothing less than in Carolina Herrera (…) they loaned it to me on the condition that I delivered it impeccably, new, as if nothing had happened and I took a risk,” he said.

Finally, having everything ready Tejeiro was able to attend the event and was one of the most praised, so much so that They said she was one of the best dressed of the night.

But not everything was rosy, the llanera unfortunately As she modeled for the red carpet, she ended up staining the dress with some rose petals that were on the floor as decoration.

“I was happy, on the one hand, on the other, photo goes, photo comes, but I was not aware that I was stepping on all the rose petals and that the dress was too long for me, I stained the dress, but I said ‘it doesn’t matter, tomorrow I send it to the laundry, they fix it, they fix it, nothing happens’… No, I took it to the laundry, it didn’t work, it didn’t get stained, it couldn’t be fixed, ”he said.

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According to her, she later decided to take a risk and return the dress like that to the store, but she did not count on the people who were going to receive it at that time, they were going to check it thoroughly.

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As expected, advisers noticed the stain and ended up charging the garment.

“They began to check it all over the place and I, oh my God! until a tiny stain and they tell me ‘look, you stained it’, you have to pay it and without a peso, I was badly financially, I was living torn, I was bad at that time, “he said.

And he continued: “I had no where to get to pay for that dress and I didn’t even know how much it was worth… Guess? I had to pay it and practically I had to stay engaged in Carolina Herrera until someone solved my life, “she said.

In conclusion, Lina had to borrow and paid 1,500 dollars for the outfit, which is equivalent to 6 million Colombian pesos.

The actress in the middle of her story also showed the exclusive garment. The dress was emerald green With a ‘V’ neckline at the front and at the back, it was uncovered to the back.

He also said that since that time he has not used it againSince if she uses it for another event, she would surely be criticized for reusing it, and she has not been able to give it to anyone because it is size zero.

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His anecdote ended with a bit of humor, as usual, saying that The little joke of going to show off at the ‘Premios TVyNovelas’ was quite expensive.

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