The clinical committee decides new restrictions on social contacts | Radio Galicia

The advisory body of the Xunta de Galicia for the pandemic meets with worrying data on the table, the increase in new infections is constant in practically all health areasAlthough the main parameter, that of hospital pressure, remains quite stable, this panorama causes them to be approved new restrictions and that the level of some councils be reviewed.

The clinical committee will not propose the closure of the hotel business in Galicia but only for now. Experts say, the increase in infections must be stopped and active cases, more than a thousand a day, because sooner or later the situation in hospitals could be overcome. If active cases are doubled, the number of admissions is doubled. The origin of the outbreaks, the social and playful meetings is identified Without security measures, restrictions will affect those areas.

Pedro Rascado, member of the clinical committee recalls that the profile of those infected and of patients has changed, most of them between 50 and 20 years of age, but vaccines do not immunize us 100% and can increase the number of infected over 50 years. The covid also increases in all health areas, it will be analyzed council by council but there will be few who as of today increase the level of restrictions.

the president of the xunta … Alberto Nuñez Feijoo is aware that once the new restrictions are approved the endorsement of the superior court of xustiza of Galicia will be needed

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