The city council sees “unacceptable” that Valencia blames him for the delay in the ATE

In its structure, this is how the Nou Mestalla continues.
Eduardo Ripoll

The Valencia City Council considers “unacceptable and lacking the slightest foundation” that Valencia blames it for the delays in the fulfillment of the Strategic Territorial Action to build the New Mestalla in the allegations it presented to the Ministry of Economy after denying this reorganization and extension of the ATE.

In a letter, the council assures that the club’s allegations “do not in any way detract from the content of the report issued on May 17” that confirmed that Valencia had not started “any of the five works committed in Phase 2” and attributed the responsibility in that delay. The consistory says that the inaction of which the club accused him “in view of the reports issued by the different municipal services with powers in the development and execution of the ATE” is not sustained “in any way”.

Regarding the reparcelling project that the club presented in September 2016, it indicates that it was “totally inappropriate” from a legal point of view, taking into account the conditions of the ATE and although it admits that “the appropriate thing was to agree without further ado on the file of the proceedings”, it explains that it was not it was done “for reasons of pure courtesy to the club.”

«The municipal report warns that the project had defects that prevented its processing. Notified the club on July 5, 2019, it indicates that the required documentation is in preparation. However, on September 11, 2020, it is agreed to terminate the company as it has not provided the required documentation to continue the process. Valencia, furthermore, did not appeal this decision, so it is a firm and consensual act, ”the letter emphasizes.

In addition, the City Council says that, although Valencia “assures that on March 22, 2018 it presented the justifying report for the evacuation of the New Mestalla by registration,” that “does not appear” in any municipal registry.

Regarding the license, the report establishes that Valencia has been granted a building license since 07-28-2008 with different modifications and that, therefore, the work has been exclusively paralyzed “by the owners’ will since approximately March 2009.”

The Councilor for the Treasury of the Valencia City Council, Borja Sanjuán, insisted in statements made available to the media that the club’s accusations to the council have “not the slightest foundation” and added that some of the club’s arguments “are entirely false and In others, all they do is reveal the lack of diligence in fulfilling their commitments.

Sanjuán gave as an example that in seventeen months they did not deliver “a documentation that had been required of them or that the act that they now criticize the Administration was not even appealed at the time.” “The excuses made for the ownership of Valencia are completely invalid and that the only responsibility that the works of the new Mestalla have not been resumed is on the property of Valencia and not on the City Council,” he said.

“They are the ones who have now run out of administrative excuses and it seems, fortunately, that they also have no economic excuses. Therefore, from this City Council what we ask is that they stop seizing the field and resume the works, “he said.



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