The City Council of Palma del Río resorts to a credit supplement to pay for electricity

The city ​​hall of River Palm has attended one credit modification worth of 241.400 euros to be able to pay the electricity billelectricity supply that was budgeted for 2022 in 742.371 euros and that finally amounts to something more than 983.000 euros.

This measure was approved with the votes of the PSOE, PP, IU, non-attached councilor and C,s and abstention from Let’s change Palma. the mayor, Esperanza Caro de la Barrera, pointed out during the plenary session that “the credit modification is due to the need to deal with the rise in the price of electricity supply for him public roads and municipal buildings, we have had to supplement what was budgeted”.

On the other hand, the municipal Plenary gave its approval to the expansion of organic containers, in 24 mñasas well as those of containers, 12, and cardboard, one more. Therefore, the administrative contract formalized between the City Council and Urban Solid Waste SCA is modified with the incorporation of new container points. After this extension, they are 62 organic underground containers, 62 base; 154 organic surfacee outside the urban area; 50 surface packs, 58 cartons and 93 glass containers.

The mayor, Esperanza Caro de la Barrera, informed the Corporation that she has contacted the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation (CHG) to inquire about the state of the road that connects Palma with the scattered nucleus of Calonge. The residents of this neighborhood denounce the poor condition of this roadwhich, according to the mayor, the CHG classifies as “camino”. Caro de la Barrera reported that the Confederation indicates that they are preparing a tender of 2 million euros for the rehabilitation of these roads from Córdoba to Sevilla and that the section in the municipality of Palma del Río is included there.


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