The choripán was chosen among the 5 best sandwiches in the world, according to a specialized gastronomic magazine

The chorizo, the famous achura, is already recognized worldwide, and now it has won all its awards by being ranked as one of the best sandwiches in the world with four stars and classified as “great” according to the magazine specialized in typical foods Taste Atlas.

The “chori”, competed with other very famous sandwiches such as the smoked meat from Canada, croque monsieur from France, and avocado toast among other well-known sandwiches dishes that are eaten throughout the planet.

The Taste Atlas described it as: “Choripán is the definitive Argentine street food, a sandwich consisting of chorizo, with a variety of condiments inside a crusty bread. In general, it is consumed on the go, since it is sold mainly in street stalls throughout Latin America ”.

Choripán ranked 4 as the best sandwich in the world
Choripán ranked 4 as the best sandwich in the world

Taste Atlas is a travel guide based on the traditional food experience that collects authentic recipes, food critic reviews and research articles on popular ingredients and dishes. He describes himself as “a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants”, features an interactive world food map with icons of dishes displayed in their respective regions and reportedly contains nearly 10,000 dishes, drinks and ingredients, as well as 9,000 restaurants.

According to its gastronomic critics who make up the page, They made a top 7 of the best “choris” to try in Argentina and those from the following houses stood out:

1- Our Grill

“The best thing on the six-course menu is the choripán, which is also possibly one of the best dishes that this land has ever graced.”

It is located at Carlos Calvo 471.

2- Alameda Costanera Sur

“For a delicious, easy, and inexpensive sandwich to go, head to this little booth with outdoor seating. Order the choripán, a simple chorizo ​​sandwich with nothing but toast, chorizo, and a little spice sauce with herbs. “

It is located at Av. Dr. Tristán Achával Rodríguez 1431.


“Here, the focus is on the choripán, with five different chorizo ​​sandwiches, a morcipán (blood sausage) and a vegetarian sandwich with eggplant, spinach, goat cheese and honey. I would still choose this sandwich to accompany my crew any day. “

It is located at Thames 1653.

4- La Cabrera

“What makes it stand out? The absolute perfection of seasoning and browning, the slight crunch, the incredibly moist meat ”.

It is located at José Antonio Cabrera 5127.

5- The unevenness

“For choripán, I’m going to El Desnivel”

It is located at Defensa 855.

6- The Dorita

“An original option is the choricampi, a giant choripán wrapped in baked bread, a temptation”.

It is located in Humboldt 1892.

7- La Reverde

“With an appropriate name, they are revered for their chorisaurus. A vegan version of the classic Argentine sausage sandwich, the choripan. To say that I was impressed by this vegan chori is an understatement. In fact, La Reverde has perfected the consistency, smell and appearance of an authentic Argentine choripán ”.

It is located in Montevideo 40.



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