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The C’Chartres Métropole Handball skeptical of the public’s feedback, the C’Chartres TT also

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A Jean-Cochet hall finally vibrating to the rhythm of the encouragement of the spectators… The image, not seen since October 23, when the half-gauge was the rule, makes salivate. And nothing prevents today from projecting on the end of the camera. Because the reopening to the public of sports halls, included in phase 2 of deconfinement, has been scheduled for May 19.

The only Eurelian collective sports team whose championship is not yet over, C’Chartres MHB still has eight games to play. Among them, he is supposed to be able to play the last two at home of the season in front of packed stands: against Tremblay on May 29, then against Saint-Raphaël on June 4, the day the curtain is scheduled to fall.

The problem of the 30% gauge

But don’t get too carried away. The latest government announcements will not necessarily be synonymous with a reunion between handball players in Chartres and their supporters this spring. CCMHB President Steeve Baron said he was cautious today.

Table tennis: the C’Chartres TT hopes …
In the fight for the rise in ProA four days from the end of the championship, the C’Chartres TT could celebrate its return to the elite in front of its home crowd. His match of the last day against Thorigné-Fouillard is actually scheduled at the Rosskopf room on Friday May 21, three days after a trip to Argentan. But the president of the club, Benoît Gasnier is not really confident. “We are discussing with the various presidents. Opinions are quite divided because of the timing and fairness issues all this poses. I would like that to be done, but it is far from being won … “

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The blues of C’Chartres MHB supporters

First, the reopening could be postponed by local decision depending on the health context. “The Covid incidence rate and the hospital filling rate will certainly be scrutinized by the Prefecture”, slips the leader. Then the reception of the public would remain subject to conditions, including that of a limit of 800 people and especially a gauge of 30%.

At Jean-Cochet, the capacity would thus increase from 1,200 to 360 places. An annoying problem for the club which has some 450 subscribers and 400 VIPs …

Steeve Baron wonders:

“If we are told, you can reopen with 1,000 people, we go without hesitation. But now, what do we do? Are we organizing a draw? Whatever one chooses, there will be unhappy people. “

An outdoor gathering?

Faced with the absence of an obvious and ideal solution, the CCMHB could quite simply give up playing again in front of the public in the immediate future. “I prefer that we focus on next season. And I wonder what sauce we are going to be eaten knowing that we are told that we will be in reduced tonnage until the end of September… ”

The reopening of the terraces on May 19 in Eure-et-Loir is full of uncertainties

In the meantime, the club does not refrain from inviting its supporters outside on the occasion of the last day of the championship. “We could organize a broadcast of the match on a giant screen right next to the hall and bring the players out at the end, in particular to thank those who are going to leave us”, imagines Steeve Baron. There would then be a reunion and a farewell.

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Swimming: what about France in Chartres
Postponed twice in 2020, the French Elite swimming championships will be held well in Chartres this year. It is guaranteed. They will take place in the indoor pool of the Odyssey complex, to avoid subjecting the Olympic qualifications to climatic hazards, from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 June. It remains to be seen whether they will take place in front of spectators. The question is not settled today. Given the health context, the French Federation had gone on the option of closed doors, in agreement with the organizing team. But the government’s announcements have revived the hypothesis of a competition open to the public, according to Karine Dorange, vice-president of Chartres Métropole in charge of major facilities. “You have to see the conditions. For example, would it be worth it to set up additional stands if it is to fill one in four seats? I do not know. Meetings will be held, we will know more by the end of the month, ”says the elected official.

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