The case of a teacher in France beheaded, an 18 year old Chechen teenager becomes the perpetrator

PARIS, – A teenager Chechen 18 years old is suspected of being the perpetrator of the case guru that beheaded of France because it teaches about freedom of expression.

The murder took place on Friday (16/10/2020) afternoon local time at the junior high school where the educator taught at Conflans Saint-Honorine.

The perpetrator who had escaped after killing the teacher was then confronted by the police, where the perpetrator was shot dead.

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The police explained that the victim was a History teacher who had recently taught about freedom of expression, by taking the example of a caricature Nabi Muhammad.

His teaching then generated a wave of protests from parents of students, culminating in the teacher being beheaded.

A source from the judiciary said that a total of nine people were arrested in the case, including the parents of the student where the educator taught.

Reported AFP Saturday (17/10/2020), the parents of the students indicated that they did not agree with the teacher showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Then three of the five suspected perpetrators arrested were acquaintances of the 18-year-old teenager, with the first four suspects being relatives of the perpetrators.

The killings took place in the middle of a trial for the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015, in which 12 of their staff died.

In the run-up to the trial last September, the magazine was publishing cartoons again, which caused a wave of anger among Muslims worldwide.

In his tweet, Charlie Hebdo criticized the teacher’s case and called it a fact that intolerance has become more rampant.

French President Emmanuel Macron has responded by declaring the case a “terrorist attack”, and insisting terrorism like that cannot win.

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