The car takes the whole car wash with it

The car takes the whole car wash with it
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Every now and then the car has to go to the car wash. But the visit can quickly go wrong. A TikTok video shows how much.

If you love your car, you take care of it accordingly. Some drivers rely on hand washing, but this is not always and everywhere allowed. Fortunately, there are still car washes to remove the annoying dirt. In some federal states this is even possible on Sundays. A TikTok video shows how quickly a visit to the car wash can go wrong.

The clip is around 12 seconds and shows a completely demolished car with part of the car wash still attached. To be precise, a complete washing element including brushes. The video was uploaded by TikTok user suppli71. It has since been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Incident in China: car wash demolishes Hongqi H5

The car is believed to be a Hongqi H5. The mid-size sedan is based on the Mazda 6 and will be sold in Russia and China. However, the TikTok video is likely to have been created in China. Because the vehicle is the first generation of the H5. In Russia, the model has been available only since the second generation. And the license plate also points to China.

This Hongqi H5 comes with an extra extra after the visit to the car wash. © TikTok (Suppli71)

Unfortunately, it is not known where exactly the incident happened. Although the license plate of the Hongqi H5 can be seen, the symbol for the province cannot be clearly identified. It is also unclear why the mid-size sedan drove out of the car wash with the brushes.

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TikTok users have ‘so many questions’

What is certain, however, is that TikTok users are asking themselves exactly that. And it wouldn’t be the internet if there weren’t one or the other funny attempt at an explanation in the comments.


  • “One question: how and why???”
  • “You have to do that first… How does it work?!”
  • “I have questions, so many questions!”
  • “The car now has a hairstyle!”
  • “Antenna not unscrewed!”
  • “It’s not his fault, there are wheels downstairs. Actually, the system rolls along, the employee forgot to release the brake!”

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