The Callisto Protocol is set to be the scariest game ever

Fans of Dead Space games will have reason to be pleased. The atmosphere around The Callisto Protocol is clearly heated.

Glen Schofield is the man responsible for the success of the original installment Dead Spacewhich will undoubtedly excite many horror fans who have heard about the ongoing work on The Callisto Protocol.

Spiritual heir Dead Space has an atmospheric teaser trailer for 2020. It shows that the title should be dark and full of dangers. If anyone had any doubts about it, some time ago Glen Schofield shared a tweet in which he pointed out that lighting in horror movies is not an easy topic. Fortunately over The Callisto Protocol Veterans, people with experience in working with the first watch Dead Space. Glen Schofield emphasized that his game will be terrible and atmospheric, and additionally it will make players feel uncomfortable.

The above tweet is from May 6, 2022, but Schofield has been keen to heat up the atmosphere around his game for some time. Yesterday he threw an extreme close-up of one of the disgusting creatures that will be waiting for players’ lives. However, the most important thing in all this seems to be that former creator Dead Space announced the release of important news next week. If someone does not follow profiles related to The Callisto Protocolnow is a good time to consider this possibility.

Personally, I am of the opinion that Striking Distance Studios it might be ready to show off some impressive trailer. Who knows, maybe even with real gameplay bits and not just CGI animations? The fight starts to get worse because Dead Space Remake should appear in early 2023, so if The Callisto Protocol actually it came out in 2022, it could be good for it.

The title is to be a survival horror with a rich plot, and the official website of the creators includes a statement by Dan Smith, employed as the creative director.

We want The Callisto Protocol to be one of the scariest games ever. We want it to set new standards in the survival horror genre.

Dan Smith, Creative Director

Marcin Hołowacz, journalist of Polygamy


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