The calendar that remains for Barça and Real Madrid in the Euroleague

The Real Madrid-Barça this Thursday at the WiZink Center is the highlight of the next day of the Euroleague, which after passing the halfway point of the competition a few weeks ago, is already facing the second part of the competition with maximum equality and with almost no team still ruled out as a candidate to qualify for the quarterfinal playoffs. Another proof is the leadership they share, with 13 wins and 7 losses, Barça, Real Madrid, Olympiakos y Fenerbahce.

The one at the WiZink Center will be just one of the very complicated exits that remain for the Barçawhich has yet to visit other great favourites, such as Olympiakos y Fenerbahceor the always difficult tracks of the Panathinaikos o Partisan. At the Palau, where Saras’ men have played more than expected this season, they still have to pass the Maccabi, Monaco o Zalgiri among others.

Barça’s calendar

  1. J21: Real Madrid-Barça (January 26)
  2. J22: Barça-Maccabi (January 31)
  3. J23: Barça-Bayern Munich (February 2)
  4. J24: Virtus Bologna-Barça (February 9)
  5. J25: Barça-Monaco (February 24)
  6. J26: Barça-Zalgiris (2 de marzo)
  7. J27: Olympiacos-Barça (March 7)
  8. J28: Fenerbahce-Barça (March 10)
  9. J29: Barça-Red Star (March 17)
  10. J30: Panathinaikos-Barça (March 23)
  11. J31: Partizan-Barça (March 28)
  12. J32: Barça-ALBA Berlin (March 30)
  13. J33: Armani Milan-Barça (April 7)
  14. J34: Barça-Valencia Basket (April 14)

For his part, he Real Madrid they also still have to face many of the rivals that are currently in the Top-8. In fact, his next two commitments away are in Monaco and in Istanbul before the Ephesus. They still have to pass through Madrid, too Zalgiri, Baskonia o Fenerbahce among others.

Real Madrid calendar

  1. J21: Real Madrid-Barça (January 26)
  2. J22: Real Madrid-Panathinaikos (February 1)
  3. J23: Monaco-Real Madrid (February 3)
  4. J24: Anadolu Efes-Real Madrid (February 9)
  5. J25: Real Madrid-Zalgiris (February 23)
  6. D26: ASVEL Villeurbanne-Real Madrid (3 March)
  7. J27: Real Madrid-Baskonia (March 7)
  8. J28: Real Madrid-Valencia Basket (March 9)
  9. J29: Real Madrid-Armani Milan (March 16)
  10. J30: Virtus Bologna-Real Madrid (March 24)
  11. J31: Real Madrid-Fenerbahce (March 29)
  12. J32: Partizan-Real Madrid (March 31)
  13. J33: Real Madrid-Bayern Munich (April 6)
  14. J34: Maccabi-Real Madrid (April 13)

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