The Brussels-Capital Region faces the aging of its population

The Brussels-Capital Region faces the aging of its population

Precariousness and cultural diversity are also part of the equation. To the observation of the Health and Social Observatory, Minister Maron replies that a reform of rest homes is in progress and that home help is reinforced.

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Journalist of the Walloon cell

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Lhe Brussels-Capital Region is changing. While it had a fairly young structure compared to the other two Regions, the population aged 65 and over is set to grow exponentially by 2070. The observation is drawn by the Brussels Health and Social Observatory , which also notes greater financial precariousness and greater multiculturalism, which will necessarily impact the policies to be implemented in terms of assistance to seniors. The Brussels Minister for Social Action and Health, Alain Maron (Ecolo), is already preparing actions to ensure well-being in nursing homes and more home help.

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