the bride of the actor Grishechkin was accused of fraud

The actor had to pass a polygraph test with his lover. A friend accused her that before she was not only a girl of easy virtue, but also deceived men.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin. Photo:

59-year-old Vyacheslav Grishechkin is a famous actor. He starred in such series as: “Soldiers”, “Turkish March” and “Kamenskaya”. A few years ago his wife died.

However, his heart was soon conquered Diana Bicharova. Right before the eyes of the public, the actor made her a marriage proposal. The happy chosen one is already looking for a wedding dress, and her demands are high.

But the other day Grishechkin was forced to become the hero of the program “Actually.” The fact is that his beloved was suspected of fraud. The public was even more alarmed by the fact that she did not even talk about the marriage contract with the groom, although he has a decent amount of money.

“I got two good educations. I am a Muscovite. Naturally, the material wealth of a man is important to me. IM 33 years old. I also have a big age difference with my previous husband. Many people think that I am selfish. Yes, Vyacheslav makes me expensive gifts. I think I deserve it, ”Diana explained.

Vyacheslav Grishechkin is ready to marry again. Photo: frame from the program “Actually”

A young man named Nikita appeared in the studio with his mother. It turned out that Bicharova talked to him. He stated that he not only talked to her, but also met.

“We gave our child an expensive car for graduation. I understand that he stopped riding it. Then I find out that he sold it. It was a gift! I communicate with him.

It turns out that he met with Diana, was going to marry her and paid off the rest of her mortgage. I learned the whole story before the New Year. That she left him because Nikita did not organize a gorgeous wedding for her. Moreover, debt and a microloan hang on it.

Diana assured that she did not deceive her lover. Photo: frame from the show “Actually”

I tried calling her. She didn’t get in touch. I found out that she has an assistant, Inga. She was convicted and worked at one time in a brothel, possibly with Diana. They have a scheme on how to breed naive men for money, ”said Nikita’s mother.

After that, Vyacheslav admitted that it was Inga who introduced them to the bride. Diana herself stated that she had never worked in a brothel. The same Inga appeared in the studio. She did not deny that she had a criminal record for forging documents. A polygraph test showed that Nikita really spent money on Diana.

But it was not 5 million rubles, as his mother claimed. They also did not have intimacy. Out of love, Nikita fell in love with her unrequitedly, which is why he spent money on her. Nobody asked for anything from him. This has been proven on a lie detector. Grishechkin decided not to cancel the wedding. He did not doubt the bride.

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