The Bochum Express: Video documentation of the Bochum Marketing campaign

121 fellow travelers, bloggers and press representatives made their way to the Ruhr area with the Bochum Express from Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The successful marketing campaign reached over 8 million contacts. Several hundred press publications have appeared online and offline. Reports were published, for example, in the Rheinische Post, NRZ Neue Rhein Zeitung, WZ Westdeutsche Zeitung, Hamburger Abendblatt, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ), BILD, Ruhr Nachrichten and in the specialist magazine Public Marketing. The film provides insights into the preparation, the various questions that occupied the team, and shows the course of the actions also behind the scenes. The approximately nine-minute film is a technical documentation of the marketing campaign. The documentation on the Bochum Express also shows that qualitative effects have been added, i.e. soft success factors such as a better image, increased attention, increased interest in Bochum and curiosity about the city, greater sympathy and numerous follow-up reports from bloggers who have traveled with them. The following can be seen in the documentation: Christian Gerlig, Head of Communication, Bochum Marketing GmbH. Mario Schiefelbein, Managing Director Bochum Marketing GmbH. Several videos were made during the action. In addition to short trailers for each city to be visited, which announced the campaign in advance, a follow-up report was distributed after each tour – including via social media. The marketing clips were created by Matthias Heise Filmproduktion as part of the Bochum Express. The creative partner for the project was the agency WDD Dr. Faltz, Stute & Partner GmbH.


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