The bioethics bill back to the Senate

The special Senate committee will begin the examination on Tuesday 19 January of the bioethics bill, before an examination in public session, in second reading, from February 2. Heard by the special committee on Wednesday January 13, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, also said to hope strongly that this text can be adopted definitively before the summer .

If this were the case, the first assisted reproduction routes for female couples and single women could be launched. at the end of the year , he said, asked about the subject. He defended a text which opens new rights without giving in to our values . Often, the law gallops after society and the law confirms existing practices , he said, referring to the women who already, when they have the means, go abroad to resort to LDCs.

Adopted in second reading by the National Assembly in early August

It is more than a year and a half since the text began its legislative course, after its presentation in the Council of Ministers on July 24, 2019. First passage to the National Assembly in the fall of 2019, before a narrow adoption by the Senate one year ago. The right-wing senatorial majority voted largely against this text, adopted thanks to the votes of the left. 25 LR senators and 11 centrists were still in favor. It was then adopted in second reading by the National Assembly on August 1. Its second reading Senate review was initially scheduled for the fall but was postponed due to the health crisis.

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If the Senate had given its approval to the emblematic measure of the text, the opening of the PMA to single women and female couples, it had limited reimbursement by Social Security to the PMA medical , therefore reserving it for heterosexual couples. A provision erased by deputies at second reading, like many others, who will return to the debates.

If the opening of the assisted reproduction is emblematic of this bioethics bill, which is the first major societal reform of the Macron five-year term, it goes well beyond, for example by addressing questions relating to research on the embryo and embryonic stem cells, medical termination of pregnancy for psychosocial distress , blood donation for minors under 17 or the presumption of post-mortem consent for organ donation …



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