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The World Health Organization launched the REPLACE program on May 14, 2018, a guide that aims to eliminate trans fats from fried foods, a declared enemy of healthy eating. A) Yes, eliminating foods cooked with a lot of oil is essential to avoid future illnesses and health problems. For this, it is not necessary to give up some crispy potatoes or croquettes, there is a great alternative: oil-free fryers. This type of device uses high temperature air currents to cook and toast food, making it unnecessary to use liquid oil, although in some preparations it is recommended to add a tablespoon to achieve tastier results. Cook without smoke and enrich the family diet with fewer calories and more health.

COSORI 5.5L Oil Free Fryer

Fryer with touch screen and LED, ideal for a family of five to six people thanks to its capacity and its square basket. Its great power, of 1700 watts, makes the air heat up quickly, avoiding long waits when cooking to enjoy quality food at the moment. Function that is reinforced by its preheat and keep warm technology, which is selected with a button.

It has eleven preset programs for easy operation of the fryer, in addition to having a total air circulation technology, timer and adjustable temperature between 75 and 205 degrees. In addition, it includes a book of one hundred multilingual recipes.

Different designs

The COSORI deep fryer has a manageable and elegant design. Its basket is removable and non-stick, to facilitate cleaning, which can be done in the dishwasher, and avoid stuck foods. It is available in the colors black, white and red.

Buy from € 139.99 on Amazon

Cecotec Deluxe 2.5L Oil-Free Fryer

Dietetic fryer available in black and white that allows you to cook with a single tablespoon of oil or if you prefer without this ingredient, to obtain healthier menus and meals on a daily basis. Its container offers 2.5 liters of capacity, which allows you to cook large quantities of food for the whole family or if you have invited a group of friends to dinner. Its design is modern and compact, and it has a digital display on the top to control the operation, wide and easy to read.

It offers eight different and configured modes to adjust the time and temperature, from 80 to 200 degrees, that the fryer requires depending on each need, a very useful tool for cooking different types of food. Both the basket and the rack have a non-stick coating and are suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Perfect Cook Technology

This fryer has 1400 watts of power to quickly cook all dishes. Thus, it guarantees exceptional results in all recipes thanks to the Perfect Cook technology of hot air, which circulates inside and comes out through the rear holes.

Buy from € 69.90 on Amazon

Princess 3.2 liter oil-free fryer

It has a digital control panel integrated into the intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen, from which you can control the temperature and time. The 3.2L capacity makes it possible to prepare up to five servings of delicious, crunchy French fries in one sitting. It is versatile, operates at the touch of a button and has eight pre-programmed settings to cook different specific foods quickly: potatoes, cakes, pizza, prawns, chicken, meat, fish and bacon.

Its basket is detachable and removable, with a handle design attached to it to comfortably transport and serve freshly cooked food directly. In addition, it is easy to clean and it is recommended to do it by hand and with a mild detergent so as not to damage the quality of its non-stick coating, which prevents food from sticking in the deep fryer.

Hot air technology

The Princess oil-free fryer uses hot air circulation technology as a tool, which allows food to be cooked to an optimal temperature and not only frying, but also baking, roasting and toasting. Without a doubt, a multifunctional option for cooking all kinds of food in different ways.

Buy for € 87.99 on Amazon

2-liter oil-free mini fryer

This Ariete brand product circulates the air quickly and evenly inside the fryer basket in which the food is placed, which allows cooking the products with crisp and tasty results, with less fat and without odors. It has a programmable timer up to thirty minutes, to prevent recipes from burning or spoiling while doing other activities.

Its small size does not interfere with its great power, since it has 1000 watts and also offers a lot of space, with a 2-liter drawer. Also, its temperature is adjustable and reaches a maximum of 200 degrees. Includes an extensive free recipes to explore myriad flavors in the kitchen.

Basket with handle

Ariete’s oil-free fryer drawer is easy to remove and handle thanks to its easy-grip, comfortable, and handle design. In addition, its weight is very light, only 2.6 kilograms, which makes it easy to transport.

Buy from € 64.51 on Amazon

7.5 liter oil-free touch fryer

Large capacity oil-free fryer, perfect for cooking large, for large groups or large families. It has a digital LED screen that has nine programmed settings that can be selected thanks to its touch function. Thanks to this tool, you can choose a cooking mode depending on the desired food dish: french fries, meat, thighs, chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, cakes and even vegetables.

There is also the option to adjust its temperature, which ranges from 50 degrees to 200, to prepare all kinds of menus. Also, the prep time can be set manually from 1 to 60 minutes, to make recipes with the exact time and that the fryer turns off automatically once the food is ready, saves energy and prevents the food from burning. Its operation with air stands out, allowing faster cooking and reducing cooking time.

Drawer with protection

The drawer of this large capacity fryer has a high-quality coating that makes it more resistant, protects it from shocks, prevents burns when handling it and facilitates cleaning.

Buy from € 110.49 on Amazon

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