The best 2021 real estate rates from La Banque Postale

Are you considering a mortgage with Banque Postale? Depending on your profile (level of risk, amount and stability of income, amount of the loan, etc.), the institution can offer you fairly attractive conditions.

The lesfurets comparator helps you find the best real estate rates at the Banque Postale and select the loan method best suited to your needs.

What are the 2021 mortgage rates at Banque Postale?

To submit a loan offer to you, La Banque Postale applies a real estate rate grid developed centrally. The disparities from one region to another are therefore relatively small. However, your advisor may take other parameters into account, such as:

  • The commercial policy of the Banque Postale agency, depending on whether the establishment is in an active client recruitment phase or not.
  • Recent developments in money markets and in particular the key rate of the European Central Bank (ECB), determining the cost of money for banks.
  • The main characteristics of the loan requested, including its amount, the existence of a personal contribution or the number of monthly payments desired.
  • The main characteristics of the borrower himself, including of course his professional and financial situation.

La Banque Postale is a public banking establishment. It has all the useful conventions with the State to propose assisted loans in addition to the main loan, including the zero rate loan (PTZ) and the social home loan (PAS).

2021 real estate rates by term

The table below shows you the low rates – for the best records – and the median mortgage rates in 2021. These values ​​have been observed on the whole market and do not prejudge the Banque Postale mortgage rate. In fact, more or less competitive rates may be offered to you by the establishment depending on the quality of your profile and your file, after a case-by-case study.

Loan term Low rate Median rate
7 years 0,19 % 0,72 %
10 years 0,38 % 0,84 %
15 years old 0,56 % 1,02 %
20 years 0,75 % 1,18 %
25 years 0,98 % 1,41 %

How long does a mortgage loan last at the Banque Postale?

La Banque Postale offers fixed-rate mortgage loans with a repayment period of 2 to 25 years. In practice, most clients do not request the maximum loan term in order to save on the amount of interest. Thus the Housing Credit Observatory of July 2021 indicates that mortgage loans in France have a average duration of 236 months, or slightly less than 20 years.

Banque Postale real estate rates by type of project

The total outstanding mortgage loans, that is to say the amount of loans outstanding and still to be repaid, amounted to August 31, 2021 to 1.354 billion euros. About 1.325 million households have chosen to acquire a property as their main residence, secondary residence or rental property and are currently reimbursing it, ie 31.4% of all households.

In details :

  • 961,400 loans made it possible to finance a main residence in the old one.
  • 321,800 loans were used to finance a main residence in the new building.
  • 57,300 loans were used to finance the purchase of a second home.

La Banque Postale is now financing all types of real estate projects, from the most classic to the most specific.

Nature of the real estate project Financed by Banque Postale
Buy your main residence YES
Make a rental investment YES
Buy new or off-plan YES
Build your house YES
Finance works YES
Home loan transfer YES

the mortgage rate at Banque Postale is obviously likely to vary depending on the exact nature of your project and its characteristics. To help you better define the outlines of your financing plan before your interview with a Banque Postale advisor, the establishment provides you with a particularly comprehensive mortgage simulator.

The real estate rate by profile at Banque Postale

La Banque Postale is a public establishment, historically known to provide certain basic services to the population such as right to bank account and theopening of an A booklet. It also has the necessary agreements to offer certain regulated and means-tested loans, such as:

  • the zero rate loan
  • the social home loan (PAS)
  • the housing savings loan (PEL) – which also assumes prior savings within a specific savings plan

For these various reasons, the Banque Postale network is often a natural first point of contact for modest buyers and first-time buyers.

However, the establishment of course addresses its mortgage loan offers to all audiences and can also offer very attractive conditions to better-off profiles or to rental investors:

Professional situation (2 borrowers) Contribution level Rate variation
CDI with trial period ended 3 months ago 10 % minimum Increased or reduced rate depending on the level of contribution and income
Temporary workers, fixed-term contracts Higher required intake Increased rate upwards
Entrepreneurs and liberal professions 10 % minimum Increased rate according to income and risk profiles
Officials 10 % minimum Increased or reduced rate depending on the level of contribution and income

The borrower insurance rate at Banque Postale

L’Banque Postale borrower insurance is systematically offered with every loan offer from the establishment. Even if you accept the loan offer, you are not required to purchase the proposed insurance and you have the option of signing another equivalent contract with a competing insurer.

The borrower insurance offered by La Banque Postale is distinguished in particular by:

  • A subscription possible until your 80e birthday, and a risk of death covered up to the age of 85.
  • A very light medical questionnaire up to an age of 40 and a loan amount of € 500,000.
  • a Banque Postale borrower insurance rate fixed, from the start to the end of the loan.
  • Full reimbursement of the loan in the event of death or total loss of autonomy.
  • 100% monthly payment in the event of temporary incapacity or disability.

the Banque Postale borrower insurance rate is not communicated by the establishment. It can indeed be adjusted according to the amount of the loan, the age of the borrower insured or his general state of health.

What rate for your Banque Postale loan?

The other points of the bank loan to be negotiated with La Banque Postale

Borrower insurance and the credit rate are not the only elements of negotiation with your Banque Postale advisor. The latter can offer you:

  • To open a current account and to domiciliate your income in the bank in exchange for a reduction in the rate.
  • To decrease administration fees, normally set at 0.8% of the loan amount with a minimum of € 100 and a maximum of € 1,000.
  • Different loan guarantees, with: a possible bond with Housing loan Where CNP Caution, a mortgage, a lien on a lender of money (PPD) or finally a pledge.

La Banque Postale does not offer no option for postponement of deadlines. However, its loan contracts allow a modulation of monthly payments within certain limits (5 to 30% upwards, 10% downwards).

The real estate rate for the Banque Postale bridging loan

The Banque Postale bridging loan offers standard conditions with:

  • A period of 24 months without repayment of capital, Where a period of 12 months without repayment of capital or interest (total deferred).
  • A loan amount between 60 and 80% of the value of the property for sale.
  • Application fees of 1% of the loan amount, with a minimum of € 250 and a maximum of € 1,000.

The rate for bridging loans at the Banque Postale has not been communicated. It depends in particular on the borrower’s profile and the specific risk of the transaction.

Mortgage rates on assisted loans from La Banque Postale

the Banque Postale zero rate loan is of course offered at the rate of 0 %. Its exact amount depends both on the level of the beneficiary’s resources and on the geographical area concerned. PTZ can reach 40% of the total amount of the transaction.

the social home loan (PAS) Banque Postale is granted on social criteria and can cover the entire funding. The rate is determined by La Banque Postale on a case-by-case basis, knowing that a regulatory ceiling prevents the PAS rate from being raised beyond:

  • 2.30% for a loan of 12 years or less.
  • 2.50% for a loan with a term of between 12 and 15 years.
  • 2.65% for a loan with a term of between 16 and 20 years.
  • 2.75% for a loan of more than 20 years.
  • 2.30% for a variable rate loan.

Real estate loan rates at Banque Postale

The Postal Bank offers the subscription of mortgage loans in fine, which consist in repaying the capital in a single payment at the end of the loan and repaying only the interest in the meantime. However, the establishment only reserves this formula for rental investors.

The loan in fine Banque Postale is for a minimum amount of € 15,000, with no fixed maximum. It can be taken out for a period of 36 to 180 months. Its average rate is not communicated by the establishment.

Other types of loans and their rates complementary to your project

La Banque Postale also offers its customers several types of loans in addition to a traditional home loan.

The repurchase rate of a mortgage at Banque Postale

Do you have an outstanding mortgage at an uncompetitive rate? It is possible to contact a Banque Postale banking advisor to negotiate the repurchase of your loan: this means that the establishment will repay the current loan to your bank, then have you sign a new mortgage on more favorable terms.

The conditions of a repurchase of credit at the Banque Postale are negotiated with each client and are therefore variable.

The financing of works and the Banque Postale works credit

La Banque Postale offers to finance work via a personal loan, the interest rate of which will however be significantly higher than that of a mortgage. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is set at € 75,000.

The interest of doing a mortgage loan simulation with lesfurets and its broker partners

The selection of best real estate rate, at the Banque Postale or elsewhere, is a complex task and should not make you overlook the other important aspects of your future loan offer. With the lesfurets simulator, you can instantly access the offer of a wide range of competing financial institutions, for negotiate more easily each point of the contract.

Our mortgage broker partners are also at your disposal for any question or mortgage simulation.

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