The beach of Liège-sur-Meuse installed for the whole summer at the end of the #Parc de la Boverie

The place had potential; its current operator continues to develop it. If the haunt has become in five years “the place to be” in Liège, it risks becoming a little more so this summer. The lawn located just behind the UNL Clubhouse, at the very end of the Parc de la Boverie, has just been converted into a terrace… and even a beach on the banks of the Meuse. Certainly without the sand, but with your feet in the water and a clear promise: “nap, sunbathe and aperitif!”

Deckchairs, parasols, drinks stand,… have indeed been installed for a few days and will remain in place. every day in good weather, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., until the end of September. “The objective is not to attract crowds but to preserve a cool atmosphere, with music, drinks and even cocktails. But no snacks there; you will have to go upstairs to eat“, explains Roland Fontaine, the manager of the UNL Clubhouse (Union Nautique). On the price side, no increase compared to the very affordable prices of the usual menu of the establishment. We are talking about thirty deckchairs with seats and tables.

The icing on the cake, boaters will even arrive by boat. “Some have already done it last Sunday“, confirms the new head beach attendant. It is easy to moor at the mole, opposite the magnificent Fragnée bridge. Although most residents of Liège will arrive by more conventional means, it is advisable to park on Quai Mativa and cross the Derivation via the Mativa footbridge (or Hennebique bridge). The restaurant car park remains accessible, but its places are limited and the objective is to avoid generating car traffic in the park.

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This summer, this is where the key place to pro-fi-ter will be!

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