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“The” Battle of Michel Surya

by drbyos

Thursday, October 4, 2012 As part of his literary meetings at the Petit Palais, the House of Writers and Literature It is between the publication of two books dedicated to Georges Bataille, who died in 1962, whom he knows perfectly, that we welcome Michel Surya. Receiving it on this pretext matters, but what it will also be important for us to hear is, in reverse, all that Surya carries in his own work, reflective, commitment, requirement and rigor. It is the “language at work”, crossing the political as well as the poetic, which he animates from a distance, writing his books or publishing the texts that he considers among all. The place it occupies in literature is great, commensurate with the ambition that carries it: to give food for thought, to bring to consciousness the reader who is too often deceived. Seeing better, perceiving better, if possible, this is what Michel Surya takes us to. Writer and philosopher, Michel Surya directs the Nouvelles éditions Lines and the Lines magazine he created in 1987. Novelist with Disfiguration (1995), Olivet, (1996) or L’Impasse (Al Dante, 2010); essayist with the cycle “De la Domination” or even Humanimalités, (Éditions Léo Scheer, 2004), he is above all a preface biographer and specialist of Georges Bataille to whom he has notably devoted Georges Bataille: death at work recently reissued by Gallimard, “Tel” and Sainteté de Bataille collection to be published by Éditions de l’Élat on October 4. A meeting moderated by Nils Ahl, contributor to the World of Books. Video: Amélie Bouhours

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