the Barça coach’s tweet that has revolutionized Twitter

Sometimes social networks play tricks because of forgetfulness. Posting a photo inadvertently, a comment that escapes us … Something like this, although without further involvement, has happened to the coach of the FC BarcelonaRonald Koeman.

The technician shared a video of the famous children’s cartoons on his Twitter profile Peppa Pig, perhaps in a moment of exerting as a grandfather.

But social networks do not pass one and, within a minute, although the Dutchman had already deleted the tweet, his ‘time line’ was filled with ingenious responses, with some reproaching him for seeing drawings instead of videos of Barça’s next rivals.

El spout the Peppa Pig the Ronald Koeman.

FC Barcelona is, like the rest of the clubs, with few troops to train due to the international stoppage of national teams so Koeman has given the odd day off in a week in which the club has managed to get rid of some of its players to lighten the salary mass.



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