The award ceremony of the 8th Hunan Micro Video Contest was held

The award ceremony of the 8th Hunan Micro Video Contest was held

The award ceremony of the 8th Hunan Micro Video Contest was held

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2021-11-29 17:20:02

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The scene of the award ceremony.

Red net time November 29 news(Correspondent He Xiuqin) On the morning of November 28, 2021, the three sub-regions of the 8th Hunan Micro Video Competition held a joint award ceremony at the Hunan Digital Photography Art Salon. Hu Jianqun, Chairman of the Hunan Digital Photography Art Association, attended the award ceremony. The entire award ceremony was webcast live.

According to the chairman of the association Hu Jianqun, the 8th Hunan Micro-Video Contest started on March 1 this year. After the finalists in different regions, the competition group members received a total of 32 shortlisted works, and on May 28, 2021- Online voting for shortlisted works was conducted on June 3. The online voting was very popular, with the number of visits and total votes reaching 4.87 million and 1.93 million respectively. The award ceremony was originally planned to be held in July, but due to the epidemic, the party branch committee and the executive council of the Association finally decided to hold a small live award ceremony in different competition areas after repeated discussions. This will not only avoid large-scale crowd gatherings, but also expand through live broadcasts. Participating crowd.

The award ceremony was held in a simple and ceremonial atmosphere. Liang Yingzi’s music video won the Best Music Video Award, and the “Review of the 50th Anniversary of Xiangyi School” created by Liu Manyun and others from Xiangyi School in Yuelu District, Changsha won the best Promo Award, the anti-epidemic MV created by Zhou Jingxia and Deng Xudong won the Best MV Award. The poverty alleviation and anti-epidemic micro-film “Lonicera Flower Bloom” created by the team of Sha Xinglong Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the biggest winner of the competition, won the Best Micro Video Work Award, Best Micro Film Award, Best Camera Award, Best Director Award, Five awards including the best post-production award.

The award ceremony was also interspersed with wonderful performances.Many members and netizens of the association shared the award ceremony through live webcast, and left comments and liked them.

Source: Red Net

Author: He Xiuqin

Editor: Zhu Jiayi



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