The authors of the phenomenon “Mortelle Adèle” take their independence

Screenwriter Antoine Dole – better known as Mr Tan – and designer Diane Le Feyer have announced the creation of their own editorial structure for the continuation of the adventures of Deadly Adele and this from next year. Until now published by Bayard, the comic strip phenomenon has so far sold more than ten million copies.

After the Fayard editions marked by the departure of the most widely read novelist in France, Virginie Grimaldi – followed by many feathers worried about the stranglehold of Bolloré on the Hachette Livre group -, this time it is the turn of the Bayard editions to see one of its nuggets take off. youth comics Deadly Adele, launched by Antoine Dole (alias Mr Tran) in 2012, is a veritable editorial phenomenon whose figures notably exploded during the pandemic: from one million copies in 2018, the comic strip rose to five million copies at the end of 2020 (fourteen volumes of the series then ranked in the top 20 of the best-selling comic books in France) and culminates today at 11 million copies.

After no less than eighteen volumes and three novels – the nineteenth, scheduled for Octoberwill be the last volume to be published by Bayard as well as the third novel, Stand up weirdosdue out August 31 – Deadly Adele will therefore join the new publishing house created by Antoine Dole and Diane Le Feyer in 2023, ten years after the creation of this intrepid little girl character.

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« We have at heart today, as creators and artists, to invest ourselves even more in the developments and projects to come around our heroine”, said the creators of the most popular comic of recent years. “ Since its inception, Mortelle Adèle has encouraged children to take over the world, to celebrate their inner strength, to say no and to disobey when the situation demands it. Whether you are an adult or a child, the message she sends us remains the same: always go towards your truth, and what will make you happy. “, they added.

Bayard will therefore continue to market the first 18 volumes, the three novels as well as the special albums. A series of animation around Deadly Adele is already in preparation. Antoine Dole and Diane Le Feyer thus join an increasingly extensive list of authors who have bet on self-publishing, like Riad Sattouf (The young actor, The Notebooks of Esther, The Arab of the Future), even the footballer Kylian Mbappé but also, on the novel side, Joël Dicker or Virginie Despentes.


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