The art of creating unique online brand experiences

The art of creating unique online brand experiences On May 19 and 20, the School of Visual Merchandising Design of Vevey organized in partnership with SwissMedia, the Swiss Association of Information and Multimedia Technologies, the Visual Merchandising Day . Sandrine was invited to give a presentation as part of the talks on the theme “LUXURY, FINE ARTS”. Nicolas Marion, International Retail and Trade Director at Tag Heuer, started the afternoon with a presentation mainly focused on the evolution of the layout concept of Tag Heuer boutiques in order to enhance the brand, the products, and offer a unique experience. to its customers. Her presentation was the perfect introduction to Sandrine’s: “The art of creating unique online brand experiences”. Indeed, as we have seen in the presentation of Tag Heuer, brands invest a lot of money, time and resources to immerse their customers in their universe during the act of “physical” purchase. However, as Sandrine rightly points out, “the only luxury that luxury brands have not allowed themselves is to converse with their customers and get to know them online.” You should know that 65% of consumers change their opinion (for good or bad) of a brand following an online experience of the brand. Why not deliver an online brand experience as strong as at the point of sale? Why not take advantage of all the tools available to brands online to create strong and lasting relationships with their customers? What are the new digital trends (geolocation, product universe (barcodes)) to consider? Sandrine’s presentation returns to these questions and provides strong answers, in particular with the example of the web 2.0 strategy which was developed by netinfluence on behalf of Marwin Watches.


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