The Apple Watch is (almost) no longer the best-selling connected watch in the world, but who dethroned it?

The battle for numbers will take place. Canalys and Strategy Analytics have just published sales figures for the connected watches and bracelets market. According to the first cabinet, Apple Watch won its leadership position in the second quarter of 2021.

With 7.9 million shipments, the Apple Watch recorded an increase of 29.4% compared to the second quarter of 2020. Despite these excellent scores, Apple lost its leadership position for the first time since the launch of the Apple Watch .

Thus, according to Canalys figures, Xiaomi takes the place of number 1 with 8 million deliveries (+ 2.6%) or 19.6% market share. Xiaomi’s success is believed to be mainly due to the Mi Band 6, its latest connected bracelet sold for barely fifty euros. Next come Huawei (3.7 million deliveries), Fitbit (3 million) and Samsung 15.8 million.

In total, 50 million connected watches and bracelets passed in the second quarter of 2020, indicates Canalys.

Watches and bracelets: a great distinction

Figures published by Strategy Analytics do not go in the direction of Canalys. And for good reason, the latter publishes the results of the market for watches and bracelets while Strategy Analytics focuses only on watches.

Thus, according to the analyst, Apple retains its number 1 position in the connected watch market, and by far. In the second quarter, Apple would therefore have delivered 9.5 million units in a market with 18.1 million sales, or a market share of 52.8%. Behind, Samsung and Garmin are very far with respectively 2 million and 1.5 million sales in the second quarter.

“Apple still holds half the market and keeps its competitors at bay” commente Strategy Analytics. “The Apple Watch Series 6 is by far the most popular smartwatch model in the world today, due to its blend of sleek design, good usability on a small screen, and a growing portfolio of smartwatches. health and fitness apps’ concludes the cabinet.

Apple therefore still shines in the connected watch market. But if we take into account the sales of fitness bracelets, the American is dethroned by Xiaomi, decidedly very fit.

In September, Apple should unveil the Apple Watch Series 7 at the same time as its new iPhone 13. What to reshuffle the cards?


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