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The “Agent 007 saga” adds a new film and fires Daniel Craig

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James Bond (Daniel Craig) prepares to shoot in
a DANJAQ and Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film.
Credit: Nicola Dove

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond

The “Agent 007” has been and will continue to be the protagonist of one of the most successful franchises in world cinematography, whose filmography adds up to now twenty-five official titles, all of them full of action, beautiful women like great international intrigues.

A saga with striking stories and multiple dangers, of which James Bond He has managed to get out, either on his own or with the help of one or more Bond girls.

Gustavo Velutini Luning


Throughout twenty-five films, there are many actresses who are inscribed in the «Album of the Bond Girls», both in the leading role and in secondary roles, since the latter performances are usually short and with a clear objective (for better or better). worse).

In stellar plan they have stood out _to quote_ Ursula Andress (seen in “Dr No”), Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Jane Seymour, Lois Chiles, Barbara Bach, Maud Adams, Tanya Roberts, Michelle Yeoh, Halle Barry, Berenice Marlohe What Léa Seydoux, etc.

As co-stars are Mie Hamma, Grace Jones (seen in “A view to kill”), Kristina Wayborn (del film «Octopussy»), Carolina Munro, Corinne Clery,  Lynn-Holly Johnson, Lana Wood, etc. Now it adds up Anna of Arms, in the role of Paloma, alongside Daniel Craig in «No time to die«.

Ursula Andress

Ana de Armas


Michelle Yeoh and Pierce Brosnan

“No time to die” new title of the saga of 007

The film shows a James Bond who is more serene, less unbridled and in love again.

The character had previously fallen in love in «Spectre” like in “007 on her Majesty’s secret service«, Where he even got married, but Ernest Blofeld ruined the moment for him.

Scene of the marriage, seen in “007 to the secret service of his Majesty”

Daniel Craig in “No Time to Die”

In the twenty-fifth film the intrepid 007 will seek more personal answers, after being the object of an attack, at the moment that he is leaving behind a romantic memory, that of Vesper (girl seen in “Casino Royale«).

This noble action is carried out in order to remain united with Madeleine (role in charge of Léa Seydoux), whom he met on a mission (precisely the one developed in «Spectre«).

Gone is the attack suffered at Vesper’s grave, therefore James withdraws from all activity.

A status that she abandons to get involved from less to more in a new mission, which brings with it great danger, since she discovers that her fight will not be against the organization that has given her so many headaches throughout her life as an agent, but with a new criminal, named Safin (played by the Oscar winner, Rami Malek).

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Credit: Nicola Dove

This sinister and vengeful character has been in charge of ending the organization Spectre. Beyond this, he tries to launch a disastrous contagion plan.

Safin will have before him a more agile and sagacious adversary, Agent 007 and the entire British Secret Service.

Credit: Nicola Dove

Madeleine reappears, and this makes James Bond want to fully activate his license to kill.

Credit: Nicola Dove

This film intertwines the drama as a magnificent dose of action, where the character of James Bond He fends for himself and not so much for the weapons that his faithful friend provides him Q. The latter runs the sophisticated weapons department of the secret service.

A character that has been developed by three actors over time, being them Desmond Llewelyn (in 17 films), John Cleese and actually Ben Whishaw.

Sean Connery and Desmond Lewelyn.

Desmond Llewelyn en The Living Daylights (1987)

John Cleese es Q, en «Die Another Day’»

The villains of the saga

Each film is an extreme adventure, whose action goes by air, sea and land, and even James Bond has had to travel to space, to eliminate fearsome villains, many of them at the service of the organization Spectre

There are many villains to highlight, but the most repetitive is Ernest Blofeld, role that they have embodied

Donald Pleasese (on “We only live Twice”),

Telly Savalas (on “007 at the service of her British majesty”),

Charles Gray (on “Diamonds Are Forever“) and

Christoph Waltz (on “Spectre” and “No time to die”).

Other villains of luxury and pleasant memory, are those who played Gert Frobe (as Auric Goldfinger, in “Goldfinger”), Adolfo Celi (giving life to Emilio Largo in “Operation Thunder”), Christopher Lee (It was Scaranamga, in “The Man with the Golden Gun”), Curd Jurgens (the shrewd Karl Stromberg, in “The spy who loved me”),Christopher Walken (to Max Zorin in “A view to a kill«), Benicio, the bull (I play Dario in «007 License to kill«), Javier Bardem (assuming Raoul Silva in “Skyfall«) And now the turn is of the Oscar winner,Rama Malek.

Javier Bardem stars in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions?? action adventure SKYFALL.

Christopher Lee

The shootings are usually in natural settings such as in large cities, so it has practically traveled the globe, with it, giving that touch of showiness to the saga.

Roger Moore with part of the team from the film “Octopussy” (1983)

De Sean Connery a Daniel Craig

After a rigorous casting, Sean Connery to star in the first film of the saga, “Dr No”, next to the stunning Ursula Andress (from 1962).

Since then, twenty-four more titles have been shot, being:

“From Russia with love” de Terence Young, 1963

“Goldfinger” de Guy Hamilton, 1964

“Operation Thunder” de Terence Young, 1965)

“We only live Twice” de Lewis Gilbert, 1967

“007 on Her Majesty’s Secret Service” de Peter Hunt, 1969

“Diamonds are eternal” de Guy Hamilton, 1971

“Live and Let Die” de Guy Hamilton, 1973

“The Man with the Golden Gun” de Guy Hamilton, 1974

“The spy who loved me” de Lewis Gilbert, 1977

“Moonraker” de Lewis Gilbert, 1979

“Only for your eyes” by John Glen, 1981

“Octopussy” by John Glen, 1983

“A view to kill” by John Glen, 1985)

“007: High voltage” by John Glen, 1987

“007: License to Kill” by John Glen, 1989

“Goldeneye” de  Martin Campbell,1995

“The tomorrow Never Die” de Roger Spottiswoode, 1997

“The world is never enough” de Michael Apted, 1999

“Die another day” by Lee Tamahori, 2002

“Casino Royale” de  Martin Campbell, 2006

“Quantum of Solace” by Marc Forster, 2008

“Skyfall” by Sam Mendes, 2012

“Spectre” by Sam Mendes, 2015


“No time to die” de Cary Joji Fukunaga, 2021

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Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures/Columbia Pictures/EON Productions?? action adventure SKYFALL.

Films where James Bond is the absolute protagonist, under code 007, to the British Secret Service. Role that has been personified by five more actors, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Sean Connery after releasing his fifth film, “We only live Twice” in 1967, he decides not to continue with the character.

He is replaced by the Australian George Lazenby, starring “007 at the service of your majesty”, In 1969.

Telly Savalas & George Lazenby

The film today is highly valued by critics, but at the time it did not get the approval of the press and the public, therefore producers seek to replace George Lazenby.

A new casting was organized, while in parallel the return of Sean Connery to the franchise was wanted, it finally happened. Thus he rolls his sixth film, titled “Diamonds are eternal”, hitting theaters in 1971.

Success again accompanied the saga, but despite the very good box office, Sean Connery definitely said goodbye to the role “success” of his career.

The third actor chosen to be Bond, was the television Roger Moore, who came from starring in the TV series “El Santo.”

Roger Moore co-starred in seven films, between 1973 and 1985, alongside truly beautiful women, led by Jane Seymour, Britt Eckland, Barbara Bach, Lois Chiles, Carole Bouquet, Maud Adams and Tanya Roberts (who passed away in January this year. , also known for her participation in the television series “Charlie’s Angels”).

Roger Moore took on a seductive and skilled James Bond, a character created by Ian Fleming.

Previously this agent of the British Secret Service counter espionage, had seriousness and British aristocracy, in charge of the actor Sean Connery, on the other hand George Lazenby gave excessive seriousness to the role (without any grace).

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With the premiere of “Panorama to kill” In 1987, Moore’s image was already somewhat worn, which led to his goodbye and to welcome Timothy Dalton to the saga, who filmed “007 high voltage “ and “License to kill”(From 1987 and 1989).

I returned

Timothy Dalton

Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan … an explosive couple from ‘Die Another Day’

The saga made news again in 1995, featuring a new protagonist, nothing less and nothing more than Pierce Brosnan, eventually filming four movies.

Daniel Craig He has been the sixth interpreter to embody 007, his debut in the saga occurred in 2006, when he starred in «Casino Royale«, Followed by four more missions.

Daniel Craig’s five films are complex and intertwined stories, touching James Bond personally.

On “Skyfall»It is shown how ex_agent seeks to liquidate the British Secret Service, especially to M (role by Judi Dench). Faced with this threat, Bond turns in favor of his friend M, wanting to solve everything.

Now comes “No time to die“In which Bond feels attracted and in love with Madeleine. A stable feeling, despite the estrangement and reunion of the couple. At the same time Bond will take time to face a danger, which is in full development.

With this film Daniel Craig says goodbye to the saga, leaving open the casting for a new actor (or perhaps actress), to take on the new 007, because there is only one James Bond.

Credit: Nicola Dove

There is or there is not time to die, but if to organize ideas

On “No time to die«, James Bond is approached by an old friend of the CIA, Felix Leiter, who asks him to accompany him to Cuba, to find a scientist, who has been kidnapped, but apparently will appear at a party, according to US intelligence. There James Bond will count on the help of Paloma, an agent of the US government. But something will go wrong, adding to it a death, therefore James Bond becomes more involved in the mission of his friend Felix.

Nomi, 007 (Lashana Lynch)
Credit: Nicola Dove

Therefore Bond returns to action, until he is re-enlisted by his secret unit in England (after his retirement), sharing a mission with agent 007 (by actress Lashana Lynch). Where everyone seeks to prevent a world tragedy, led by the Hercules Project scientist and the Machiavellian Safin.

Extreme mission leading to James Bond, to meet again with his arch enemy Ernest Blofled, it will also address Madeleine, to finally know her secrets and make him understand that he loves her.

Credit: Nicola Dove

With this film, not only Daniel Craig’s stage in the 007 franchise closes, but something else.

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