The Achievement Hunter column presents: Super Chicken Jumper

The month of November is ending in order to enter the Christmas period, the opportunity for your favorite hunter section to offer a new game with 1000G easy. Again, we will have to rely on Eastasiasoft Limited, with Super Chicken Jumper. Become the most fearsome poultry on the planet and save the Earth from the forces of evil!

May KFC be with you!

Super Chicken Jumper is a Run’n’gun of a very special kind, where the overqualified secret agent must come to the aid of the population in danger. On the program, many levels and ways of playing will be offered to you. We will start with a classic campaign, then with a challenge mode which will bring together 28 in total, and finally an Endless mode where the enemies will follow one another at high speed.

Your mission is clear, cross 6 different levels and become the long-awaited hero. Controller in hand, the latest from Eastasiasoft Limited is very simple. For movement, just use your joystick LSand then press RT or A. With each level crossed, you will obtain improvements essential to your success. Speed, firearms, double jump, the power-ups will be your strength for the entire game. Interesting little feature, each time you fail on a level, the layout of the obstacles on your way will then change systematically. Do not expect to live a long quiet river in Super Chicken Jumper, but be vigilant and lively.

Fluidity at all times

When we play a run’n’gun type game, it is essential to have perfect fluidity in order to be as precise as possible. Luckily, the developers at Eastasiasoft Limited have filled all the boxes and the 60 frames per second are largely achieved on Xbox Series X. The colorful graphics also bring a lot of added value to the work. The downside will still come from the sound part, really a weak point of the editor.

Super Chicken Jumper and the 12 successes of his game sheet will be done without any real difficulty. If you are used to the genre, it will take you between 35 and 45 minutes before overcoming the last boss, for the others, count a minimum of 2 hours before obtaining 100%. However, if you are having difficulty, please know that our community Discord is at your disposal.

Super Chicken Jumper and its introductory price in promotion at 3,99€ are immediately available on the Microsoft Store. wish you a good weekend and see you next week!

Thanks to Eastasiasoft Limited for providing us with a dematerialized version of Super Chicken Jumper.


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