The 5th Anniversary Concert of Xi’an Concert Hall Children’s Choir was successfully held

The 5th Anniversary Concert of Xi’an Concert Hall Children’s Choir was successfully held

2022-09-07 17:12:59Source: Xi’an News Network

A few days ago, the “5th Anniversary Concert” of the Children’s Choir of Xi’an Concert Hall was successfully held in the Symphony Hall of Xi’an Concert Hall.

With ethereal singing, “Echoes of the Lost World” kicked off the concert. The children of the choir were in full costumes, and the seeds of their singing and dreams were flying together on the stage.

Accompanied by the rhythm of African drums and sand hammers, when the iconic opening music of “Baba Yetu” sounded, the audience seemed to be galloping on the African savannah in an instant. The lyrics and melody reflect the human’s reverence for the vast and vast nature since ancient times, and the singing of prayers in Swahili takes the listeners to distant ancient civilizations.

The a cappella work “Returning to the Garden and Home” is fresh and euphemistic, intelligent and agile. In the music, it not only sighs at the poet’s ploughing life, but also contains a happy and contented optimistic spirit, and is full of the free and easy character of the literati.

In Mu Xin’s poems, the slowness of the past is the beauty of simplicity, the delicacy of yearning, and the long-lasting love. In the chorus arrangement “Slow”, the children have a dialogue with the cello, and the crisp singing is like the chirping of an oriole in the valley.

In the thick voice of the King of Thailand, Anna and the children started a cheerful Q&A in “Getting to Know You”. In the classic aria “Shall We Dance”, a gorgeous court dance by Anna and the king also aroused enthusiasm and applause from the audience.

If the score is a series of silent notes, then it is the rich performance and enthusiasm of the children that make it lively and agile. The crisp and loud chorus brings light in the dark, allowing dreams to plant hope in the hearts of every child.

The finale song “Green Light” and the encore song “Love” and “Rock Around the Clock” connected the stage and the auditorium into a sea of ​​joy. The children of the Children’s Choir of Xi’an Concert Hall presented a perfect tribute to the 5th anniversary concert with their extreme stage performance and multi-voice chorus. In the prolonged applause, there were children’s laughter and adults’ slightly choked cheers.

Five years ago, when the Shaanxi Grand Theater was completed and opened, the Xi’an Concert Hall Children’s Choir was established, and joined hands with international masters on the stage of the opera “Turandot”, a small musical dream took root at that time. The Xi’an Concert Hall Children’s Chorus is the third professional resident art group established by the Shaanxi Grand Theater and Xi’an Concert Hall after the Xi’an Symphony Orchestra and the Xi’an Symphony Orchestra Choir, and the first professional children’s art group in Xi’an Concert Hall.

Text/Picture: Tang Jiaxin, an intern of the All-Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry


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