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The zodiac signs largely determine what our personality will be, what temperament we will have, how we will accept the world and how we will treat it and others. Astrology also affects our love life and our attitude towards love and relationships. Flirting is also included, which is why some zodiac signs have a greater tendency to flirt.

Flirting charges them, makes them feel alive, looking for adventure and feeling good. The zodiac signs, which are big flirters, are usually influenced by the planets Venus or Neptune. Venus is the ruler of love, harmony, romance.

Variable and airy characters are more likely to stumble into flirtation and fun. They carry a charm and allure that others cannot resist.

Which are the zodiac signs that are among the biggest flirts in the zodiac?


Gemini is one of the most communicative zodiac signs. They love to communicate and do it constantly. They are flirtatious by nature, like most air signs. They are adaptive and variable in communication and relationships with others. They like to be the center of attention. Flirting is a way to caress your ego and feel accepted, liked, charmed. The twins love the game in every way. They seldom engage in serious intentions. Even if they are engaged, this will not prevent them from flirting. Their flirtation is not always aimed at infidelity. They do it just to have fun. They often use their words and mastery in communication to attract attention and make an impression. They know how to keep the conversation interesting, and this often arouses interest in the other party. Others often confuse the attitude of Gemini with love interest. In many cases, they are just friendly, but subconsciously cross the line.


Lions are extremely charming. They love the spotlight. All they need is attention and adoration. They feel stronger and more charming when they are liked. That’s why they are looking for flirtation – to increase their self-confidence and stimulate their self-esteem. This zodiac sign loves adventure. They are ready to embark on dizzying conquests without thinking much. They are great suitors. They will do everything possible to impress you and they will succeed. Lions do not give up until the last, until they achieve their goal to conquer someone once they have decided. Representatives of this zodiac sign are not afraid to show their feelings or interest, even if they are repulsed.


Libra are great flirts. The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Venus – the planet of romance, love and flirtation. They are known for their ability to turn everything into romance. They know how to make their halves happy. They conquer with words, gestures, they know how to impress. Libra’s ability to enchant his interlocutors with his skillful ways of communication does not leave others indifferent. If a representative of the zodiac sign Libra decides that he wants to attract someone’s attention, he will achieve it. They are not afraid to show their interest and subsequently their feelings and love. Libra has an incredible talent for reflecting others like a mirror. Libra is able to perfectly master the body language of others, which automatically earns them red dots. They know how to capture the mind of the object of their desires, leaving a lasting impression.


Pisces is one of the most sworn romantics in the zodiac. It is very easy to find magic in a relationship with someone. They give a romantic touch to even the smallest gestures. This makes them flirt and want more and more attention. Neptune is the ruling planet for Pisces, which makes their interaction with others very easy. Neptune is a planet that gives emotionality and hopeless romance to Pisces. This pushes them all their lives to seek romance and love, and flirting is a great mechanism for this.


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