The 1×1 of Barça against Real Madrid

CLOTHS Attentive

Always focused, she avoided further danger with her quick exits. Lucky in Zornoza’s shot at the post after touching the ball and not going towards the goal.


In the first half he didn’t have too many problems but after the break he had to work hard to try to cover his band, not always with success. well overlooked

WALLS Construction

She started the game from behind and established herself as the leader of the Barça defense. Forceful also when it was necessary.

JANA Impermeable

Very good game to continue growing. The rivals demanded of him but he worked hard so as not to be surprised behind his back or in the one on one in the dangerous arrivals of the final stretch.

Offensive LEILA

He created danger coming from the side with several arrivals and dangerous centers in the first half. In her most advanced position after the break, on the other hand, it was difficult for her to shine and she was substituted.

PATRI Worn out

Of more less. He commanded and led in the midfield in the first half and had a clear chance against Misa. She paid for the effort and very tired, ended up relieved in the final stretch.


As an interior, where she had not been seen too much this season, it was difficult for her to come into play and she was not comfortable. In the second half she was seen closer to the area and appeared in the action of the goal.

ALEXIA Salvadora

When it seemed that everything was heading for extra time and after a game in which he was not entirely precise but did not stop trying at any time, he appeared with his goal, providential, defining perfectly.

HANSEN Intermittent

Threatening whenever he could overwhelm, it cost him to get regularity in his attacking actions. She focused dangerously but did not always find a partner to finish off.


He started as a center forward and had some shots that did not end in a goal by very little. Then he went to the band and provided some depth, although it was difficult for him to overflow.

Erratic ROLFÖ

He wasted some very clear chances, especially an empty goal in the second half. He began playing as a left winger and in the second half he did so as a winger, where he provided solidity at the back.


He entered to contribute a goal that did not arrive and although he did not score, he was key with his shot to the post in the action that ended with the only goal of the game, from Alexia.

NARROW recurso

In the final stretch he entered to try to provide solutions and freshness in the middle of the field and for a possible extension that did not come.


Already in the addition he entered to waste time but he added another game, a good memory as it is a Clásico with victory, to his historical career with Barça.

PINA Testimonial

He entered at the same time as Melanie, already in the add-on so that the clock could run a little. No time for hardly anything.


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